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Alamo Colleges Education Services is a secure portal connecting Faculty, Staff & Students to Academic Resources, Email, and other Online Resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACES?

Alamo Colleges Educational Services (ACES) is an online portal which allows students to perform a variety of functions related to their educational pursuits. Students can also monitor the status of their financial aid applications from the Financial Aid Tab for outstanding financial aid requirements & award details.

What else does ACES offer?

For financial aid, students can check or obtain:

  •  * your Banner ID needed for college staff to access all financial aid information
  • unsatisfied requirements related to FAFSA, Verification, Appeals, and more
  • document status as related to Verification, Direct Loans, Appeals and more
  • your SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) status
  • the Award Summary which notifies students whether they are eligible and shows the actual Fall and Spring fund award based on full time enrollment
  • the Account Summary which shows your bill, the award once it credits to your account, a refund (if the award is greater than tuition), or any remaining balance the student is responsible for after the award has credited

     * Student Financial Aid staff including call center agents cannot access students information or research a Banner ID via a social security number. Students are required to have their Banner ID at the time they visit or call the Student Financial Services office.

 What is my ACES e-mail?

Your ACES e-mail, which can also be accessed through ACES, will be the official mode of communication between you and the Alamo Colleges. It is important for students to check their ACES e-mail on a regular basis, failure to do so could result in missed deadlines, unsatisfied requirements, or other important updates.

For more information on the Alamo Colleges e-mail policy go to: F.7.1 (Policy) Student Email Account an Official Mode of Communication

 Where exactly can I find my financial aid information on ACES?

 Once logged in all information can be found on the student's Financial Aid Tab.

I turned in my documents but ACES still lists them as incomplete (red flags)

The status for your documents will remain a red flag or unsatisfied until the document is reviewed by the financial aid office and completed. Once you see all the status update to a check mark, this means your documents are processed and an eligibility determination can be made on whether you qualify for aid.