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How to React to Certain Situations

Anticipate potential risk and take steps to remove or reduce it. Ninety percent of prevention is the public's awareness.

At nighttime walk in the company of others. Never attempt to walk through a dark alley or area where there is potential for danger. Call the Alamo Colleges Police Dispatcher at 210-485-0099. 

If you carry a brief case, purse, or backpack, keep only a small amount of cash with you. Carry your keys, identification, and everything else of value with you. Plan your route.

If you Sense Potential Threat

  • Think first, then take action; remain as calm as possible
  • Move away from the potential threat
  • Don't be afraid to let the assailant know you recognize the potential threat
  • Join a group of people nearby
  • Go to a well-lit public place and call the police immediately
  • If you see someone else in trouble, call the police
  • After you have avoided a threat or crime, report the incident to the Campus Police office
  • If you believe a threat is eminent and you can see people nearby; yell, scream, and create a commotion to attract attention and run toward any crowd of people

If you must walk alone  

  • Use route where there will be alot of people
  • Walk aggresively, briskly and keep going
  • Walk on the side of the street facing oncomming traffic
  • Avoid traveling the same route every day
  • Have your keys to your home/car ready as you approach
  • If you are droppped off, ask the driver to wait til you're safely inside
  • Avoid walking up to a vehicle window to respond to a question from someone within
  • Suggest you are in a hurry to meet someone who is already on the way to pick you up
  • If a stranger tries to encourage you in conversation, before stopping to talk, glance about to make sure you are not alone - use good judgement
  • Walk in the center of the sidewalk away from the buildings, doorways, hedges, and parked vehicles-especially those occupied with passengers inside the vehicles

If You Are Facing an Armed Assailant

  • Avoid sudden movement
  • Do exactly what the assailant demands
  • Get a complete description of the assailant without being obvious, including weapon and direction the person/verhicle fled
  • If you believe the assailant is going to kill you no matter what you do, use any defense method you can think of: screamin, kicking, running; your objective is to get away. In this situation you have nothiing to lose. It is a matter of survival.

Rape and Sexual Assault

Rape and sexual assault can occur at any time to anyone regardless of: Age, Sex, Physical Appearance, Type of Dress.

A defense strategy that saves a victim in one strategy might encourage the assailant in another. You personally will have to decide what kind of defense you are capablt of using if you are attacked. We recommend you attend some of the rape seminars held on campus through the year or one of the seminars held in our community.

If you are a victim of rape

The identity of any victim of a sex crime is kept in the strictest of confidence. It will be your choice whether or not to file a complaint The police will do everything possible to assist. It is important to notify the Police Department regardless of whether or not you wish to file a complaint because the police can


  • Provide immediate safety
  • Possibly apprehend the rapist
  • Help you get immediate medical attention
  • Help you get counseling
  • Transport to a medical facility 


Personal Safety on Campus

  • No lock works unless you use it
  • Keep your office door locked at all times
  • Install a deadbolt lock
  • Do not leave office unattended
  • Mark all books, backpacks, cell phones, etc with name and drivers license number
  • Keep emergency numbers near the phone
  • Lock windows accessible from the outside
  • Do not loan keys to your office, desk and files to anyone
  • Report all stolen books to local bookstore, and campus police
  • Guard your personal belongings at all times (jewelry, purses, wallets, etc.)

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