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2013 - 2014 Checklist                  Summer 2014 Schedule



Time Ticketing registration starts November 11, 2013
                       Students with 46+ hours register March 24 & 25
                       Students with 31+ hours register March 26
                       Students with 16+ hours register March 27
                       Students with 1+   hours register March 30
                       Registration for all students starts April 7
CLASSES START June 9, 2014

* Time Ticketing Registration reserved for students currently enrolled during Spring 2014 semester and is based on the total number of earned hours and posted on the student’s Alamo Colleges’ Banner Student Record. The student’s record combines all hours earned from each of the Alamo Colleges in addition to any transfer that has been posted and credit awarded.


                                           Don't know where to begin?

First time in college students (FTICs):    Click here for a checklist on how to get started. 

Transfer Students:    Click here for a checklist on how to get started. 

Returning Students:    Click here for a checklist on how to get started. 





 Continuing Education Registration (CE) 

Please click here: for first time students who plan on attending a non-academic course with the Kerrville Center.