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What makes Northeast Lakeview College's distance learning courses unique?

Online courses are developed and taught by the same faculty teaching on campus. Normally, one professor will teach both a campus and online section of a course at the same time, so students can receive the same education experience.

Is the quality of the educational experience equal to that of a classroom program?

Yes. Northeast Lakeview College has strict requirements that all online courses meet the same qualifications as their on-campus counterparts. Distance learning courses are, in essence, identical to campus-based classes. Students have access to the same class content, course materials, academic resources, and faculty; therefore, they may combine both online and on-campus courses to complete their degree requirements.

What are the admissions requirements for distance programs?

Admission requirements are identical for online and on-campus students. For full admission details, visit the Admissions section of the Alamo Colleges website.

How technical do online students have to be in order to succeed?

Online students need to feel comfortable using a computer and have basic email, office, and Web-surfing skills. If they use a computer at work or at home, they should be able to successfully participate in any distance learning course. For technical support details, visit the Technical Helpsection of the Current Students page.

What does "anytime, anyplace" mean?

Each online course can be accessed through Northeast Lakeview College’s website, and students have the ability to access their courses on a 24/7 basis. Online students start and end the college semester at the same time as on-campus students, but they have the flexibility of deciding when during the week they want to study their lessons. There are due dates, mostly by week, that students must follow in order to stay on track with the online course.

Does distance learning mean students will not interact with other students or faculty?

Through communication channels such as email, discussion boards, chat rooms, and web conferencing, students regularly talk and develop a rapport with professors and fellow classmates. In fact, many of our distance students say they participate more in their online classes than they did as on-campus students.

Is registration for online courses different than for on-campus courses?

No, registration for online courses is the same as registering for on-campus courses. Simply log in to ACES. When searching for courses, select the Session Type as "Internet" to locate online courses. For full registration details visit the Registration link. 

What courses do you offer online?

New, returning, and transfer students can find a variety of Hybrid/Blended and online courses available through Distance Learning. We offer courses necessary to acquire an Associate degree, receive Certification, and developmental courses to continue your education. For full listing of available courses offered this semester, please visit the Online Courses page .

What programs are currently available online?

 We offer courses for an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Arts in Teaching. For more information on our degrees, visit the Degree Information page of the Northeast Lakeview College website.

Do distance learning students have to go to campus certain times of the semester for course work?

It depends on the course. Any course that requires you to go to campus has made adequate note of such in the course description in the course information text. You can find that information at the time you register for the course. Some instructors require that you come to the college for testing, group work, speeches and other learning activities.

How are distance learning courses delivered?

All distance learning courses are conducted in asynchronous environments or not at a set time or place. The course content, assignments, communications, and interactions are conducted over the internet within a secure Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. Neither faculty nor students are present in the LMS at any specific time unless you participate in a conference. These are scheduled, but occur at your computer.

What student services are available to online students?

Online students have access to all areas of the college such as Admissions, Bookstore, Registrar, Library, Career Development, IT Helpdesk, and more. These functions are equipped to serve all students electronically, either on-campus or online. Also, the Distance Learning staff is always available to assist students who cannot come to campus to gather information or solve issues.

Can students register for a distance learning course at any time?

Distance learning courses follow the same academic calendar terms as traditional on-campus courses. Courses begin in early Fall, Spring, and Summer. Visit the Alamo Colleges Academic Calendar for full term dates.

Do distance learning courses require group work?

Classes are often divided into project teams to virtually work on projects and assignments — similar to the real workplace. Distance learning students, who are often geographically separated, employ the same tools used to deliver the course (e.g., online discussion forums) to meet virtually instead. However, students could choose to meet together at the same time and place.

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