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What is the Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) degree?

The Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) degree is a collegiate degree program consisting of lower-division courses intended for transfer to baccalaureate programs that lead to initial Texas teacher certification.

Will the A.A.T. transfer?

Yes. The A.A.T. degree as defined by the Coordinating Board is fully transferable to all Texas public universities. Because the A.A.T. fulfills the requirements of the field of study curriculum statutes and Coordinating Board rules, all Texas public universities must accept the A.A.T. curricula if they offer the applicable baccalaureate degrees leading to initial teacher certification.

Will A.A.T. completers be automatically admitted to an educator preparation program or will they be expected to meet the admission criteria of the public university?

No. Students who complete the A.A.T. will be required to meet any and all entrance requirements of the receiving university and the educator preparation program, including grade point average and/or testing requirements.

If a student completes just the A.A.T. and does not transfer to a baccalaureate program, for what jobs would the student be eligible?

While the degree is designed for transfer purposes, for those who decide to “stop out” after completing the A.A.T., this degree meets the “No Child Left Behind” requirements for paraprofessionals. In addition, completion of the A.A.T. is much like that of an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree in that it may qualify students for work that requires at least an associate’s degree.

What are the field-experience courses for this degree?

EDUC 1301 - Introduction to the Teaching Profession
EDUC 2301 - Special Populations

Can core curriculum courses be prescribed by the public universities for students in educator preparation programs?

Yes. Texas public universities can prescribe specific courses to satisfy core curriculum requirements. However, this should be done in cooperation with the university's community/state college partners, be in compliance with Coordinating Board rules concerning core curriculum, and articulated as appropriate.

Do the A.A.T. courses count for substitute teachers?

Yes. Substitute teachers who are completing their undergraduate degrees are eligible to take the A.A.T. courses as needed and/or appropriate.

How many semester credit hours (SCHs) of coursework are included in the A.A.T.? What does the coursework include?

Early Childhood (EC) - 6th Grade
  • Completed core curriculum (42 - 48 SCHs)
  • MATH 1350, MATH 1351 or equivalent (3 - 6 SCHs)
  • Additional science beyond the core curriculum (3 - 6 SCHs)
  • EDUC 1301, EDUC 2301 (3 - 6 SCHs)

4th - 8th, EC - 12 Special Education
  • Completed core curriculum (42 - 48 SCHs)
  • MATH 1350, MATH 1351, or equivalent (3 - 6 SCHs)
  • Additional science beyond the core curriculum (3 - 6 SCHs)
  • EDUC 1301, EDUC 2301 (3 - 6 SCHs)

8th - 12th Grade, Other EC - 12th other than Special Education

  • Completed core curriculum (42 - 48 SCHs)
  • EDUC 1301, EDUC 2301 (up to 6 SCHs)
  • Content area teaching fields/academic disciplines (up to 12 SCHs)

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