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Distinguished Graduate Program

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This initiative spotlights each SAC program during our annual graduation ceremony by honoring one outstanding student from those programs, called the “Distinguished Graduate”.  Students receive special recognition at the ceremony by wearing a cord signifying their Distinguished Graduate status and through an announcement made when they cross the stage.  Their diplomas are also marked to show that they have achieved this honor.   

Students are required to apply through a process as outlined below and to complete service projects for the department and college designed to promote graduation. 


 Criteria for selecting the Distinguished Graduate (departments may add to these criteria): 

1) Student must have a minimal GPA of 3.2. 

2) Student must walk the graduation ceremony in May. 

3) Student must demonstrate service to department and college as determined by the distinguished graduates as a group and college leadership working in concert.    


Department’s choice must be:  

1) A student that is slated to graduate in May as a major in a department program.  If a department has more than one program, they may have that many distinguished graduates, or  

2) An outstanding student (regardless of major) who has taken at least one department course.  


 Application Components 

Student must submit an application that includes: 


  1. An essay of 1,000-1,500 words explaining how the subject matter explored within that department influenced/ inspired that student’s path to graduation.

  2. The signing of a statement that indicates that they are willing to serve as outlined above, and that they understand that, if they fail to do so, the award may be rescinded. 


Application Process 

1.  Faculty members or Chairs direct students towards applying, or students approach faculty and/or Chairs about becoming a candidate.  Students must be graduating in May and must plan to work on service projects from mid-February through mid-April of this academic year.  Students officially nominate themselves or faculty nominates them to the Chair or Department Liaison for this project.   

2. Students must submit applications with essays by January 20.   

3. Each department selects the winning candidate by January 31.  (Department decides how to do so.)  Names should be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Academics and Student Engagement by that time. The contact for this office is Rose Gonzales – 

4. If an honoree does not complete their service commitment, the award will be rescinded by college administration, in consultation with the department chair.  


Specifics of the Honor 

As a Distinguished Graduate, students will receive: 

  1. Graduation Cord 
  2. Graduation Program Recognition/ Graduation Announcement  
  3. Medal  
  4. Department Plaque  
  5. Formal Certificate  
  6. T-shirt  
  7.  Resume Material 
  8.  Picture / Quote  



As a Distinguished Graduate, students will be expected to serve as a Graduation Ambassador. Students will also be required to complete a Service Project to promote Graduation. This project should be campus-wide and impact the student’s own department from which they are receiving the honor.  

 Distinguished graduates are chosen each year through a competitive process that considers GPA, an essay, and a service project promoting graduation.  Each represents a different program at SAC.  Click here for a photo gallery honoring those selected.

For more information about the Distinguished Graduate Program, students can contact their academic department or The Office of the Vice President for Academics and Student Engagement via email at Rose Gonzales at or Chaye Pena at