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Sat: 8:30am - 2:30pm
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Academic advisors are committed to engaging, encouraging, equipping, and empowering you to explore and excel in the college environment and beyond.

This means that you are the captain of the ship, and your advisor is the map and compass that will help your find your way. Your advisor will not "prescribe" answers or courses for you.  Instead, they will encourage you to find academic areas and courses that are the best fit for you.  Extracurricular experiences are integral to career and academic development, therefore your advisor will also encourage you to seek learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Academic advising is a collaborative process, and ultimately, you -the student- are responsible for your educational experience.


How do I speak with an an advisor?

The Advising line has gone virtual! Student will now sign in to see an advisor through the web or by texting. Sign in information is available here

Advisors are also available to answer general advising questions during our regular business hours through our online chat feature. Access this option by clicking on the "chat with us"  link on the right side of this page.

Outside of business hours, you can email us at for general advising questions.

The Advising Communications Center is available by phone to answer general advising questions and provide guidance regarding advising holds. The Advising Communications Center can be reached at 210-486-4100.


Who is my academic advisor?

You are not assigned to a specific academic advisor. When you come into visit with an academic advisor you will be seen by the first available advisor.


What can I expect from my academic advisor? What will my advisor expect of me?


You can expect your academic advisor to:

  • understand Northwest Vista College degree and certificate requirements and effectively communicate them
  • provide accurate information about educational options, requirements, policies, and procedures
  • provide a safe space in which to share your thoughts, aspirations, concerns, and interests
  • refer you to quality resources
  • listen carefully to your questions, concerns, and points of confusion
  • maintain confidentiality
  • encourage and support you as you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for success
  • assist you in making course, major, and transfer decisions

Northwest Vista College and your academic advisor expect you to:

  • schedule regular visits and/or contacts during each semester
  • come prepared with questions and/or topics to discuss
  • accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • read all college communications and meet critical deadlines for functions such as registration, add/drops, and application for graduation
  • inform your advisor of important changes that directly affect your academic performance and educational goals
  • keep a record of your goals and academic progress toward graduation
  • be courteous and plan ahead (come in during non-peak times when the wait is minimal)

Academic Dismissal Advising 

Academic probation and Academic Dismissal are part of a process that could have serious consequences. Dismissal for scholastic reasons can severely restrict your choices of universities and programs in the future. For information on Academic Dismissal, click HERE


The Academic Advising Services are located in  Cypress Campus Center (CCC) first floor hallway.  Please visit the Advising Services Check In Window for assistance.

Advising Hours

Northwest College Student Success Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation


Mon-Wed 8am-5pm

Thursday 8am-7pm

Friday 1pm-5pm

Saturday 9am-1pm

Saturday Services are available on the 1st Saturday of the month*


Advising Services will be closed on the following days:

March 9-15 Spring Break (College Closed)

April 3-5 Easter Holiday (College Closed)

April 24th Fiesta Holiday (College Closed)