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What's the format for my Office 365 student e-mail address?

The format for the new Office 365 student e-mail addresses will continue to be

How do I access the Office 365 e-mail system? (Available starting June 5)


There are no changes for accessing your e-mail.  The steps are:


  1. Log on to ACES
  2. Click on the student e-mail icon
  3. A login page will appear
  4. Log on using your ACES username and your e-mail password
  5. This will direct you to your Office 365 e-mail


What is the username/password for the Office 365 e-mail system?


Your username and password will remain the same.

If you need assistance with your e-mail password, please contact Support Central at 210-485-0555.

Will I still have access to my ACES e-mail account?

Current students will continue to have access to the ACES e-mail system until May 30. The ACES email system will be unavailable from May 31 - June 5, 2013.

How do I keep e-mail that is on my current ACES student mailbox?

Your e-mail items from your ACES e-mail system will automatically migrate to your Office 365 e-mail address. No action is needed on your part.

How do I setup my mobile device (phone/tablet) for Office 365 e-mail?

The following guides will walk you through setting up your device: Iphone, Ipad, Android device.

What difference should I expect after e-mail upgrade?

Before the upgrade to Office 365, each user has one account that provides access to services such as e-mail, SkyDrive and Messenger.
During the upgrade, each existing student account becomes two separate accounts:
  • An Office 365 account, associated with your college, that is used to access email.
  • A person Microsoft account that retains access to SkyDrive, Messenger, and other Microsoft services, and is not used to access e-mail.
Here is what your e-mail will look like:
Office 365 email image

For your personal account:
Here's what the page looks like when the user signs in to SkyDrive using their personal Microsoft account.
 SkyDrive image 
  •  This account uses the same username and password as your college e-mail account.
  • This account can't be administered by the Alamo Colleges
  • This account can be accessed at