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Alamo Colleges' Students Will Vote March 1-7 on Two Propositions 

Proposition 1: Study Abroad Scholarship Fee  

Proposition 2: Student Activity Fee   

If approved by students, the Study Abroad Scholarship fee and the increased Student Activity fee would take effect in the Fall 2014 semester. 

Voting will take place March 1-7. All currently enrolled students, as of February 28 (except dual credit, early college high school and Alamo Area Academy students, and senior citizens who pay only the $60 audit fee), will receive an email in their ACES email account which will provide specific instructions on the voting process. The email will include a link for the eBallot application which will allow them to vote on the two propositions. If students access the eBallot application without using the email link, they will need to log in and create a user name and password. Once a student has voted, they will not be able to vote again.

Study Abroad Scholarship Fee 

The Alamo Colleges offers Study Abroad programs which allow students to experience exciting destinations such as Spain, Germany, and China. Students will earn college credit and enhance their academic studies by learning about a different culture, language and people first hand. Scholarships cover some of the cost of the program, but funds are only available to send a small number of students each semester. The proposed $1.00 Study Abroad Scholarship fee would afford all Alamo Colleges' students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to take advantage of Study Abroad opportunities regardless of their personal financial circumstances. Also, 100% of the funds collected will be used to fund Study Abroad scholarships.

The Study Abroad scholarship fee would also address the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's requirement, effective for fall 2014, that Social Responsibility be included as part of the Texas college core curriculum. Social Responsibility is defined as  intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility and the ability to engage effectively in regional, national and global communities
Participating in a Study Abroad program provides an opportunity for students to:
• Enhance their academic studies with real-world experiences
• Gain a global perspective and a broader understanding of other countries and their cultures
• Become more qualified to compete and succeed in a global marketplace
• Learn a language in the country where it is spoken
• Gain new insights and outlooks through new relationships
• Improve their professional and financial potential

The Study Abroad Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of five student representatives, five faculty/staff members, and one non-voting chairperson, will be responsible for the review and selection of scholarship awards.

Proposition 1 – Study Abroad Scholarship Fee
The addition of a $1 per student per semester Study Abroad Scholarship fee affords students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to travel abroad, earn college credit and enhance their academic studies.


Student Activity Fee 

The district-wide, combined Student Government Association has recommended an increase in the Student Activity fee and wants students to be as informed as possible about how this increase can impact them and countless other students in the future. Chances are students have benefitted in some way from the services provided by the Student Activity fee at their campus.
The Alamo Colleges strive to create a vibrant and welcoming student community at each of its five colleges and multiple satellite campuses. Activities that occur outside the walls of the academic classroom benefit students immensely by fostering school spirit, solidarity, and pride.  A diverse array of campus activities, events, and programming are offered– all of which are made possible by the Student Activity fee.
A few types of activities that would not be possible without the funds collected through the student activity fee include:

• Social and cultural events                                                    
• Live music and concerts
• Recreational sports and fitness activities                                                    
• Hispanic Heritage / Black History / Women’s History events
• Student leadership activities 

Currently, a proposal sits before the student body to consider an increase in the Student Activity fee from $1 to $2 per credit hour each semester. In such a scenario, the average student taking 9 credit hours would pay $18; a $9 increase over the current fee.  The fee has been assessed each semester since fall 2006, when the Board of Trustees of the Alamo Colleges voted to institute a $1 per credit hour fee.
Click on the links below to see the current and proposed budgets for each college, as well as examples of how the Student Activity fee has impacted thousands over the years. 

Northeast Lakeview College
Northwest Vista College
Palo Alto College
St. Philip's College
San Antonio College

Proposition 2 - Student Activity Fee Increase 
The increase of the Student Activity Fee from $1 per credit hour to $2 per credit hour in order to expand and enhance offerings for students. These include student leadership activities, recreational sports, entertainment and celebrations of diversity.