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Employability Skills 

The job search, job interview, and follow-up correspondence are all important ingredients in getting the job you want in the career field you have chosen. Skills and creativity in writing certainly add to your resume and cover letters, professional dress and etiquette give an important first impression, and staying calm/relaxed and honest/straightforward during the interview to show that you are genuine, will all help you land the right job. There are several steps in this process that you need to be aware of: 

(1) Preparation--you must have the qualifications and education necessary to apply for a specific job. 

(2) Search--whether you look in the local newspaper, use a professional employment counselor, go to a job fair, or "surf" the web for job openings, you need to have a comprehensive approach. 

(3) Be Ready--prepare your resume, sample cover letters and sample follow-up letters (to be sent after an interview). 

(4) Practice--conduct mock interviews utilizing information you have researched on the specific organization with which you have an interview. 

(5) Dress for Success--if the business you are visiting (or an interview you have been called for) requires professional dress, then follow with the appropriate clothes. 

(6) Act Accordingly--know the culture (dress, activity, expectations, timeliness requirements, etc.) of the business you are interviewing with and act within it's professional structure. 

(7) Interview--be on time, be friendly, appear knowledgeable, be honest, and follow the lead of your interviewer. 

(8) Follow-up--always send a letter of appreciation to the person who interviewed you; don't burn any bridges that you may need to cross later if the interview did not go well for you. 

(9) Check Back--periodically check back with the company you interviewed with to see if the job has been filled. Don't become a pest by calling back every day.