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Virtual Career Library


 "Shh!  Be very quiet. This is a library."

Nope!  It's not that kind of library...make all the noise you want. 

This is your Virtual Career Library that has over 6,000 pages of digital career information to help you achieve career and life success.  Your Career Library features:

Career Information                      Job Search Help                 Education Resources

Compatible for computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Virtual Occupational Outlook Handbook 
  • Over 40 Industry Career Guides   
  • Over 50 Digital Career Books & Directories      
  • Over 800 Virtual Job Data Cards 
  • Over 600 On-Demand Career Videocasts 
  • Career Expert Video Interviews
  • Over 200 Federal, State & City Job Banks 
  • Career News Video Clips 


 Click Here on How to Get Started 

First time users, just click on the "First Time Registrants" link on the Virtual Career Library home page.  Here you will create a username and password. You will receive notice that your library account has been activated.


CCC-200 (Cypress Campus Center)

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