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Alamo Colleges Education Services is a secure portal connecting Faculty, Staff & Students to Academic Resources, Email, and other Online Resources.

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Financial Assistance



Check your 2010/2011 Financial Aid Status Online

Log onto
Select the “ACES” link, found on the upper edge of the Alamo Colleges’ Home Page.
Complete the “Log In” and “Password” boxes. Find your User ID by selecting the inquiring link. If this is your first time logging into ACES, the initial password is the first two letters of your last name, your birth month, birth date, and birth year
Example: Joe Adams, with a birth date of October 2, 1959 would have a password of AD100259
Select the “Student Tab”
Select the “Web Services” link
Select the “Student and Financial Aid” link.
Select the “Financial Aid” tab, then select from various tabs on the Financial Aid menu
Eligibility – Track your Student Aid Report (from the FAFSA)

Learn if the financial aid office requests other documentation Awards – Information about your financial aid award by the financial aid office.
You may need to “accept” an offer (available on this page)

If you cannot see any financial aid tabs or links:

Check your FAFSA applica,on to ensure the applica,on fully processed. You may do this by logging onto WWW.FAFSA.ED.GOV ; Go to column 3 and select “Print and View Your Student Aid Report”. Check the “comments”
Please visit the Student Financial Services office for further assistance, STCM 102, 210-486-5401, Option 1.
Financial Aid Information

To apply for financial assistance, students should complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.FAFSA.ED.GOV. A printed FAFSA may be obtained at www.EDPUBBS.ORG or at 1-800-433-3243. Award instructions will be sent with the award notification.

Accepted awarded funds are automatically deposited into the tuition account based upon actual enrollment status at time of payment. Residual funds are paid to the student via the refund procedures of the college. Students adding courses after all funds are dispersed are required to pay any additional charges. Students are in jeopardy of being dropped from ALL their courses should an unpaid balance remain at the close of business on the payment deadline.

All or some of the financial aid paid may be “owed back” should a student withdraw from a course or courses on or before the census day. Students are responsible for knowing the census day that pertains to their enrollments. The college policies for paying outstanding balances apply should an outstanding balance exist after a reduction of aid due to course withdrawal.

A student withdrawing from all courses before sixty percent (60%) of the semester elapses may cause an “owe back” situation for the student. Students have forty-five (45) days to repay the funds owed or the matter is referred to the Department of Education as a defaulted student grant or loan.

NOTE: Students who owe any financial aid funds are not eligible for additional aid until the default is cleared and/or the debt is paid in full.

For further informati on, please contact the Student Financial Services Office at 210-486-5401, option 1 or visit us at STCM 102. During the accreditation application period, NLC is not authorized to participate in federal financial aid programs. Therefore, students enrolled via NLC cannot receive federal financial aid. However, financial aid programs are available for students who are registered as San Antonio College (SAC) students attending classes at the Northeast Lakeview College site.

Currently, Northeast Lakeview College is undergoing the process of gaining its accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities. Students desiring to participate and utilize federal state and local financial aid programs can attend classes at Northeast Lakeview College, but must be enrolled through San Antonio College. Student enrolled through Northeast Lakeview College may participate in financial aid programs sponsored by college district that are made available to all students and programs created for the students of the college itself.

Our mission is to help you, the student meet your college expense along with the resources that are available to you. The information on this website attempts to inform you on the various programs available, applications processes required, and expectations from the financial aid process as a whole.


Guide to the Financial Aid Process

STEP ONE – Get your PIN number at WWW.PIN.ED.GOV
STEP TWO – Gather your Documents you will need to complete the FAFSA Form
Gather the following documents you may need to complete the FAFSA Form:
2009 Income Tax Return & W-2 Forms
-Parents/Step-parent (if applicable)
Child Support Records – Received and/or Paid
Social Security Benefits (such as SSI)
Any other monetary benefit for 2009
STEP FOUR – Monitor your Personal Financial Aid Information at the college by logging onto the college’s On-Line Service at
STEP FIVE - Submit requested documents outline in the Student Requirement Section of your Personal Financial Aid Information.
STEP SIX – Submit application for Student Loans, Work-Study, as applicable.
STEP SEVEN – ACCEPT Financial Aid Offer via the On-Line Service.
STEP EIGHT – Financial Aid Funds are applied to student Accounts. Funds in excess of account balance are issued to the student via the check refund process of the college.
Financial Aid Made Simple Video Workshop

A video workshop on general financial aid and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA form) is offered throughout the semester. Information on various financial aid programs and eligibility requirements are discussed giving the student a comprehensive overview of the financial aid process. Financial Aid staff is available to answer any questions subsequent to viewing the DVD in STCM 102, or call us at 486-5000, option 1.

The video is also available in the on-campus reserve collection at the NLC Library where it can be checked out.