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Student Organizations

Students have the opportunity to participate in Student Organizations, allowing them to organize groups with common interests and beliefs. Participating in these activities allows students to make friends, develop social skills, travel to conferences, and practice leadership skills.

Student organizations are an important and vital component of the total educational experience. Student groups provide opportunities for training in leadership skills, personal satisfaction and fulfillment through campus and community volunteerism and development of social growth through involvement in the student organization. A list of student organizations is available below.

Visit the Office of Student Development, Leadership & Activities in the Student Commons Building (STCM) room 131 for more information regarding these programs or call (210) 486-5404.

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Forms for Student Clubs & Organizations


Student Organization Advisors

Student Organization Advisors can find other forms and training dates on the SharePoint site located on the following link:  

Student Club Contacts

Student Organization List   



Anthropology & Archaeology Club 

Purpose Statement: To provide students an opportunity to explore all aspects of humankind, from its prehistory to its present cultural diversity.

Contact: Linda Plevak-


Art Club 

Purpose Statement: To provide the campus community with a venue to view, create and discuss art on a regular basis.

Contact: Karl Frey–


Campus Crusade for Christ  

Purpose Statement: To give students an opportunity to say “Yes, to Jesus Christ.”

Contact: Bridgette Keys– 


Drama Players 

Purpose Statement: To promote and create an organization of creative individuals in the fields of theater and film-making.

Contact: Rey Cardenas–


Education Club

Purpose Statement: To give Education Majors a place to meet and discuss pressing issues and topics in the education field.

Contact: Wendy Crader–


Help Own Male Education– H.O.M.E 

Purpose Statement: To address issues that specifically affects males in education, society and the workforce.

Contact: Archie


Health Professions

Purpose Statement: To provide students with a forum to express their interest in healthcare and to allow them to explore careers in the health professions.

Contact: Karla Kosub–


International Club 

Purpose Statement: To provide a common ground of understanding between individuals of various ethnic origins, through social, cultural, and educational activities.

Contact: Silvia Zecca–


Math Society 

Purpose Statement: To encourage all students to join the math club to gain support in mathematics and have better communication between students and instructors.

Contact: Jin Ha–


National Society of Leadership and Success 

Purpose Statement: Helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where like-minded success oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world.   

Contact: Crystal Willis-Cortinas-


Phi Theta Kappa– Beta Sigma Delta  

Purpose Statement: The purpose shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and services and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of this college.

Contact: Regina Horne-Espree


Politics in Action

Purpose Statement: To increase political awareness and participation among college students and members of their local community.

Contact: Brittany Chozinski-


Project La Cena

Purpose Statement: To increase awareness of Nutrition at Northeast Lakeview College. The club is open to all NLC students.

Contact: Megan Grimsley- 

Psychology Club 

Purpose Statement: To provide a common interest in psychology.  We intend to offer programs related to psychology topics on campus, participate in community service projects, and attend professional conferences.

Contact: Claudia Calvario-


Science Club

Purpose Statement: To provide students a forum to express their interest in science through a variety of formats such as guest speakers, tours of science related facilities, discussion panels, and a chance to interact with other students who are interested in science. 

Contact: Laura


Student Interest

Group List


Business Club 

Purpose Statement: Dedicated to promoting business professionalism, integrity, academic excellence, and service.  Establish working relationships within the business community and educational institutions.

Contact: Allison  


Ceramic Interest Group 

Purpose Statement: This interest group attracts a wide range of individuals willing to share and explore the multidisciplinary techniques required to understand this material, and its material products.

Contact: James Miller–


Creative Writing Club 

Purpose Statement: Shall offer students a platform where they may share their stories, poems, and other writings with their peers in an effort to improve and explore their literary prowess.

Contact: Carol Bernard–


Earth Matters Club 

Purpose Statement: To raising awareness in our student body and community by educating, informing, and acting in matters of earth preservation.

Contact: Jennifer


Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)- Outloud 

Purpose Statement: Promote diversity on campus by

creating a safe space for the LGBTQ community and straight allies.

Contact: Jason Malcolm–


I.S.U.D.A. Dream Act Awareness Club

Purpose Statement: Raise awareness to immigration laws concerning student and financial aids.

Contact: N/A


La Sociedad Hispanic Club 

Purpose Statement: To have fun while exploring, learning and sharing various aspects of the Hispanic culture.

Contact: Zakia Ibaroudene -


Latter Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) 

Purpose Statement: Bringing others to Jesus Christ through the study of the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

Contact: Jack Eldridge -


Music Interest Group 

Purpose Statement: To learn about different musical opportunities at NLC and the community and to discuss different types of music.

Contact: Kathy Mayer–


Alamo Colleges Student Leadership Institute (SLI) 

Purpose Statement: A district-wide program that provides free, intensive instruction and overviews of issues that are important to effective leadership in any environment. Students who are selected to participate in the year-long program will have the opportunity to travel to Washington DC, thus utilizing the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the year in meetings and presentations with officials from private, non-profit, and government sector headquarters.



  * Clubs that are nationally recognized

Clubs and Organizations

 If you are interested in starting a club at Northeast Lakeview,
here’s how to begin:

  1. Contact the Office of Student Development, Leadership & Activities at (210) 486-5404
  2. Fill out the “Intent to Organize” form

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