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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

Medical Administration & Technology Support Institute & Small Business/Finance

About the Department 

The Medical Administration & Technology Support Institute offers a full complement of computer courses in Microsoft applications, Web Design courses, Computer Graphic courses, Small Business and Finance as well and accounting software for the beginning and intermediate computer user. The institute also offers several programs in Medical Front Office Assistant and Medical coding, and Pharmacy Technician trainings. Computer-aided drafting, computer security and gaming courses, and online computer instruction in a multitude of subjects are also offered through the Institute.



Technology/Computer Courses 

Beginning Keyboarding (32 hours) 

POFT 1010 

Computers for Beginners (24 hours) 

ITSC 1012 

Windows for Consumers (18 hours) 

ITSC 1047 

MS Word I (30 hours) 

POFI 1024 

MS Excel I (30 hours) 

ITSW 1022 

MS Excel II (30 hours) 

ITSW 2049 

MS Access (30 hours) 

ITSW 1053 

MS Outlook (16 hours) 

ITSW 1030 

MS PowerPoint (30 hours) 

ITSW 1023 

MS Computer Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) (66 hours)    POFI 1001 

eBay Fast Track (8 hours) 

BUSG 1009 

Intro to Accounting (36 hours) 

ACNT 1002 

QuickBooks Pro (48 hours) 

ACNT 1013 

Information Security (48 hours) 

ITSY 1000 
Computer Forensics (30 hours)   HMSY 2003 



Office Systems Technology Certificate: 

  • Beginning Keyboarding 
  • Computers for Beginners 
  • Windows for Consumers 
  • MS Word Level I 
  • MS Excel Level I 
  • MS PowerPoint 
  • MS Outlook 

Business Office Certificate: 

  • MS Word Level I 
  • MS Excel Level I 
  • MS Excel Level II 
  • Introduction to Accounting 
  • QuickBooks Pro 

Total 180 hours    

Total 184 hours 





Small Business & Finance 

Business Plan Preparation (24 hours) 

BUSG 1025 

Business Law (48 hours) 

BUSG 2005 

Small Business Finance (30 hours) 

BUSG 1008 




Webpage Design, Desktop Publishing and Gaming 

Web Design Mastery (64 hours) 

IMED 1016 

Desktop Publishing & Graphics (64 hours) 

POFI 2031 

Game Development Basics (64 hours) 

GAME 1003 




Medical Front Office Program 

The following Technology/Computer classes are also required for the Medical Front Office Program: Beginning Keyboarding, Beginning Computers, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook (see Technology/Computer Courses section) 

If you have computer skills and type between 25-35 WPM at a minimum, please contact our office. 


Medical Terminology (36 hours) 

HPRS 1006 

Medical Insurance & Billing (30 hours) 

HITT 1013 

File Management for the Medical Office (18 hours) 

POFT 1023 

Med Software Applications (48 hours) 

POFM 1002 

Safety in the Medical Office (7 hours) 

OSHT 1003 

 Total 271 hours (including required Technology/Computer classes)




Medical Back Office Program (Pre-Requisite: Medical Terminology HITT 2046) 

This program is designed to prepare students for employment in a medical practice in a clinical setting.

Clinical Competencies (64 hours) 

MDCA 1017 

Medical Assisting Review (42 hours) 

MDCA 1054 




Medical Coding Program 


  • Medical Terminology


  • one (1) year previos medical experience and an ability to identify body systems, organ functions and knowledge of medical abbreviations and symbols

CPT & HCPCS Training (63 hours) 

HITT 1041 

ICD-9 Coding (48 hours) 

HITT 2046 




Pharmacy Technician Program 


  • Proof of a recent (less than one year) TB check with negative results
  • Proff of starting Hepatitis B Immunization Series
  • If under 30 years old, proof of Meningitis vaccination (or waiver declining vaccine)


  • 10 college credit hours, with transcript


  • Accuplacer scores: MATH: 63, READING: 78

Intro to Pharmacy (48 hours) 

PHRA 1001 

Pharmaceutical Math I (32 hours) 

PHRA 1009 

Pharmacy Drug & Therapy (128 hours) 

PHRA 1041 

Pharmaceutical Math II (48 hours) 

PHRA 1047 

Community Pharmacy Practice (64 hours) 

PHRA 1013 

Ethics & Texas Pharmacy Law (32 hours) 

PHRA 1007 


Contact Information

Continuing Education
Main Line:  486-0925

Barbara Carreon
Admin Svc Specialist
Phone:  486-0405


Law Enforcement
Frank Francis
Phone: 4

Michelle Contreras
Phone: 486-1336

Yolanda Castaneda
Phone: 486-1421
Medical Administration

Valerie Flores
Phone:  486-0401

Lupe Herrera
Phone: 486-1700

Anita Reyes
Phone:  486-1191

Scobee Planetarium
Bob Kelley
Phone:  486-0101

 Professional  Studies/HR
Joanna Grogan
Phone:  486-0409