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Building careers in healthcare!

See how you can start today.

Allied Health

Building careers in healthcare!

See how you can start today.

Allied Health

Building careers in healthcare!

See how you can start today.

Allied Health - Banner Img 3

Building careers in healthcare!

See how you can start today.

Allied Health

Building careers in healthcare!

See how you can start today.

Allied Health

Building careers in healthcare!

See how you can start today.

Allied Health

Building careers in healthcare!

See how you can start today.

Program Accreditation & Licensure

The St. Philip's College Histologic Technician Program (HTP) is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

National Accrediting Agency of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) 

5600 N. River Road, Suite 720 

Rosemont, IL 60018-5119 

(847) 939-3597 or (773) 714-8880

After completion of the Histologic Technician Program students may apply for the HT (ASCP) Board of Registry (BOR), computer exam.

Admission & Prerequisite Requirements


It is required that all Histologic Technician Program applicants follow the procedures below.  Unsuccessful completion of all items within the mandated time-frame will preclude the application and therefore the application will not be considered for admission review.

      - Meeting criteria for selection does not guarantee admission to the program. Final selection will be based on the applicant pool and space available.

      - All applicants must complete all the course prerequisites prior to submitting their applications.

      - Complete application packets for the program must be submitted and postmarked by USPS before the beginning of Fall semester enrollment.

           --completion of the TEAS V exam

           --submission of all official transcripts from all colleges attended (see application checklist for more information)

By submitting an application packet, an individual verifies that he/she has:

1) Read the web page

2) Obtained all necessary documents

3) Understood the procedures to be followed for admission into the Histologic Technician Program



1.  All applicants must complete all college course requirements prior to submitting their application.  All prerequisites must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.

These courses are:

  • MATH 0310
  • ENGL 1301
  • HITT 1305 Medical Terminology I 
  • CHEM 1405 - Introductory Chemistry I
  • BIOL 2404 Human Anatomy and Physiology 
  •        (both BIOL 2401 & 2402 may replace BIOL 2404)
2. Standardized Testing
All applicants are required to take a standardized test.  For all Allied Health Programs, applicants will be taking the Assessment Technology Institute (ATI) The  Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) standardized exam.  The TEAS V is a web-based exam that helps identify students with the best chance of success in the Allied Health field.  The TEAS V is a multiple choice assessment of basic academic knowledge that covers Reading, Mathematics, Science and English language usage.
The cost of the exam is $70.
  • Students must register prior to taking the exam. 
  • Click here to register for the TEAS V exam. 
  • Students interested in improving their test scores may retake the TEAS V test once per academic year, for a total of two attempts. 
  • The resulting overall score will be used in the applicant ranking process.  
  • Click here to access study materials for the TEAS V exam.

Application & Selection Process

Applications for admission to the Histology Technician Program (HLAB) are accepted throughout the year. It is recommended students submit a complete application packet once prerequisites have been completed for consideration before the start of the Fall semester class.

Applications are reviewed and processed before the Fall semester for consideration for the next available class. Failure to complete and submit all requested paperwork before the start of the Fall semester results in forfeiture of placement within the program

You may  download APPLICATION AND CHECKLIST FORMS here. For further assistance or questions, please contact the program director.

After careful review of all applicants by the program director and faculty, applicants will be notified of their acceptance or nonacceptance into the program.  Before being fully accepted into any Allied Health Program, students must:

1.  Pass a mandatory criminal background check and drug screen (at the student's expense).  

2.  Complete  CPR for healthcare professional course and submit a copy of card as verification

3. You must show proof of current immunization status. The immunization requirements are mandated by the State of Texas for all Allied Health students as part of entry into the program.  Failure to complete the required immunizations will prevent the student from participating in clinical rotations. The immunizations consist of:

      a. TB skin test

      b. Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis (DTAP)

      c. Mumps/Measles/Rubella (MMR)

      d. Hepatitis A

      c. Hepatitis B

      d. Varicella

      e. Bacterial Meningitis

      f.  Flu shot/H1N1  immunization

4.  The student must have proof of medical insurance. Students must be covered for accident and sickness prior to attending their clinical rotation. If your medical insurance covers both accident and sickness, you must provide proof of coverage to the Program Director. If you need medical coverage, Alamo Colleges can provide you one. Go to the Academic Health Plans, click here. Select Plan III which covers both accident and sickness. If you have any further questions pertaining to medical insurance, please contact the Program Director 


Contact Information

Program Director:
Melmar Ordinario, HT(ASCP)

MLK Campus
Center for Health Professionals (CHP) 330W