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How To Use An Interpreter


YOU are responsible for requesting interpreting services


  • The educational team consists of you, the interpreter and the instructor. You will have an interpreter in the classroom starting on the first day of classes, continuing until the end of the semester.
  • Please make sure the interpreter is aware of your communication needs. For example, if you prefer more mouthing of the English, or more ASL, it is your responsibility to inform or discuss this with the interpreter at the beginning of the semester.
  • The interpreter will voice everything you sign and sign everything that the instructor says. It is important to not “visit” or “chat” with the interpreter during class. If you want to talk to them, do so before or after class.
  • If you take your exams in disAbility Support Services, you will not have access to an interpreter. Because the instructor is not there to ask questions, an interpreter will also not be present.
  • If you have an outside activity to attend or lab hours to do on your own time and you need an interpreter, you will need to fill out an Interpreter Request Form. These forms can be found outside Jo Hilton’s office, NTC 109G or in the ASL Lab. Make sure you give the form directly to Jo. These forms will need at least 72 hours notice (3 days). If given less than 3 days, we cannot guarantee interpreting services.
  • If you are not going to be in class, you need to call your instructor AND the counselor ( Jo Hilton, 785-6085 tty or 486-1110 v) and leave a message. If you miss class 3 times in a row without calling to cancel services, interpreting services will be suspended.
  • If interpreting services are suspended, you will need to meet with the counselor in order to have services re-instated.
  • Interpreter will NOT answer questions, interpret exams or interpret computer lab activities.
  • If you need to change interpreters, the first step is to try to discuss it with the interpreter before involving the counselor. The interpreter needs to know what language preferences you have (do you want more English, less English, more ASL, more facial expressions, etc). If you continue to have problems and need to change, you need to complete an interpreter request form and make an appointment with the counselor.