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Adjunct Information: S. Taras

Scott Taras

Office: CAC 345C
Phone: 588-1602


M.S., Midwestern State University

Teaching Philosophy:

  • Heavy emphasis on the fundamental principles of biology
  • Demonstrate in relationships between evolution and biological principles
  • Illustrate relationships between basic biological principles and clinical practice

     S.Taras B&W 

    Why I became a Biologist:

    I have always been interested in the natural world, especially the biological world. Life forms are challenging,, interesting and amazing. Life forms are not explained and understood using mathematical formulas and theories.

    Recommendations for student success in my courses:

    To be successful in my class remember to budget your time, always be in attendance, and take good notes. Never be afraid to ask questions. Do not worry about making mistakes; they are learning experiences. I recommend reading your course and lab materials before coming to class. As Louis Paseur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind”.

    What’s great about the Biology Department at San Antonio College?

    Our main priority is student success. We are updating our curriculum and teaching techniques to provide an innovative learning environment. I feel the faculty and staff in our department are very approachable and knowledgeable. Their guidance is given freely and often with a reassuring smile.

    What's my schedule?

    S. Taras Schedule