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San Antonio College honored 38 employees for their years of service in a special celebration on Friday, March 6. Read More >

Service Awards - 40 Years

SAC Celebrates Service Awards

San Antonio College honored 38 employees for their years of service in a special celebration on Friday, March 6. Read More >

Dr. Blackwood Reception

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Interpreter Training Program Awarded

The San Antonio College Interpreter Training Program has been named a Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS) Excellence and Innovation in Interpreter Education Award. Read More >

Carrying on the legacy of the Challenger crew

Attitude, Belief, Commitment  

Carrying on the legacy of the Challenger crew 

Friends, family, partners and those invested in the Scobee Education Center were gathered this week to remember and celebrate the lives of the Challenger crew that were tragically lost 28 years ago, on Jan. 28, 1986.

The crew, Dick Scobee, Michael Smith, Ellison Onizuka, Ron McNair, Judith Resnik, Gregory Jarvis and Christa McAuliffe, lost their lives that day, but their legacy, inspiration, joy and courage continue on through the Challenger Education Centers.

Dr. Robert Zeigler, president of San Antonio College, said this is a time for remembering and celebrating those lives, the legacy they left and their commitment to education that has endured on for all of these years.

Zeigler shared some words from a speech then President Ronald Reagan spoke on the day of the tragedy –

"Perhaps we have forgotten the courage it took for the crew of the Challenger, that they were aware of the dangers. They overcame them, and did their jobs brilliantly. We mourn those heroes.

The crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger, honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives,” continued Zeigler quoting Reagan. “We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.”

The astronauts have not only touched the face of God, but they continue to touch all of us, said Zeigler.

Tears filled eyes as Dr. June Scobee Rodgers, wife of Dick Scobee, shared her words, her memories and her promise to remember how these individuals lived, what they stood for and what they wanted to teach others. She has made a continuing effort to ensure children are educated about the space program and all the wonder that goes along with space.

This will be a tremendous union and we will call it home, said Rodgers of the planetarium and Scobee Education Center. This will be our shining star.

“Today, and everyday, we remember our loved ones,” she said.

I am filled with pride as we remember and continue to inspire others. It’s looking forward that excites me.

Thank you for making this happen.

Twenty-eight years ago we were overjoyed and excited with the shuttle launch, she said as she remembered a bookmark she gave McAuliffe that said, “To teach is to touch the future” – a motto that has continued on with the creation of the Challenger Education Centers.

We never expected what happened or the numbing disbelief, but that’s history now. “Now we look to the future.”

“That dark cloud had a bright light shining behind it.”

Through the educational efforts of the Challenger Education Centers, over 48 million students and thousands of teachers have been touched and inspired through math, science, engineering and literacy education, said Rodgers.

Rodgers said she lives by an ABC rule – Attitude, Belief in a power greater than yourself and in yourself, and Commitment, or the courage to make a commitment. Through those rules she has been able to overcome her trials as a child, a teenager and face the challenges she has had as an adult. She said she has also found healing in educating others, by coming up with the idea of the Challenger Centers and the courage to write a love story about a public and private tragedy, but mostly of triumph and hope.

This Scobee Education Center will touch future Star Challengers and be a beacon and tribute to the crew and yourselves, Rodgers said to those in attendance. It will educate the next generation of challengers. This will be the best; they will come here to become those shining stars.

It is our promise to continue inspiring future scientists and engineers, she continued.

“We remember, we honor your legacy, we will never forget you.”


The Challenger Center for Space Science Education is a global initiative to continue to pursue the mission of those astronauts. The Scobee Education Center at San Antonio College is scheduled to open sometime in late September or early October. The Center will offer simulated space missions, science education and team building programs for all ages. 

Photo by Leonard Ziegler