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 Northwest Vista College Library
1st Floor, Redbud Learning Center (RLC)
3535 N. Ellison Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78251
(210) 486-4513
Mon - Thu: 7:30am - 8:30pm
Fri: 7:30am - 4 pm
Sat: 8:30am - 2:30pm

About the Mathematics Department

The Northwest Vista Math Department strives to educate its students and help them see the value of mathematics as an integrated discipline both in academics and in the real world.


Math Mission

Our mission is to help students do the following:

1) Appreciate the relevance of mathematics, its relationship to other disciplines, and its role, both in society and in their personal lives.

2) Develop the attitude, skills, and knowledge necessary to understand, analyze, and solve practical problems, with a special emphasis on critical-thinking and the application of mathematical techniques.

3) Understand the benefits of cooperative learning and how it can be balanced with independent learning to foster lifelong learning.

Current Awards

Current Courses

Calculator and Formula Sheet Usage for Courses in the Department

Contact Information

Math Department:  (210) 486-4213

Interim Chair: Cindi Bluhm (210) 486-4284, Juniper Hall, Room J213-E

Administrative Secretary: Bertha Vidales (210) 486-4287, Juniper Hall, Room J213-A

Coordinator: Kelli Bradshaw(210) 486-4350, Juniper Hall, Room 213-R

Anna Harwin (210) 486-4285, Juniper Hall, Room 213-F (Pre-stats Math 0442 and accelerated courses)

Claudia Verdin (210) 486-4271, Juniper Hall, Room 213-P (MIM - Math Intensive Majors)

Mana Escobar (210) 486-4283, Juniper Hall, Room 213-H (MIM - Math Intensive Majors)

Javier Guerra (210) 486-4282, Juniper Hall, Room 213-H (MIM - Math Intensive Majors)

Math and Engineering Contacts

Mathematics and Engineering Department 
Phone: (210) 486-4814
Office: JH-213

Dolores Garcia
Administrative Service Specialist
Phone: (210) 486-4814
Office: JH-213

Kelli Bradshaw
Adjunct Coordinator
Phone: (210) 486-4350
Office: JH-213R

Thomas Pressly, PhD
Department Chair
Phone: (210) 486-4841
Office: JH-213F