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 Northwest Vista College Library
1st Floor, Redbud Learning Center (RLC)
3535 N. Ellison Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78251
(210) 486-4513
Mon - Thu: 7:30am - 8:30pm
Fri: 7:30am - 4:00pm
Sat: 8:30am - 2:30pm

Full-time Faculty



   Anderson, Wesley  

   Office: JH 213-K  

   Phone: 486-4267  




   Babu, Christy  

   Office: MLH 135   

   Phone: 486-4752   




   Bishop, Eddie  

   Office: JH 111-S  

   Phone: 486-4303  




   Bradshaw, Kelli  

   Office: JH 213-R  

   Phone: 486-4350  




   Chagoya-Verdin, Claudia  

   Office: JH 213-P  

   Phone: 486-4271  




   Collins, Amy  

   Office: JH 111-I  

   Phone: 486-4318  




   DiGiovanni, Robert  

   Office: JH 111-O  

   Phone: 486-4308  




   Escobar, Manuel  

   Office: JH 213-H  

   Phone: 486-4283  




   Gittinger, Dennis  

   Office: JH 213-J  

   Phone: 486-4348  




   Gonzales, Steven  

   Office: JH 213-N  

   Phone: 486-4321  




   Guerra, Javier  

   Office: JH 213-H  

   Phone: 486-4282  




   Gurwitz, Michael  

   Office: JH 213-H  

   Phone: 486-4282  




   Harwin, E A  

   Office: JH 213-F  

   Phone: 486-4285  




   Hunt-Ruiz, Heidi  

   Office: JH 111-Q  

   Phone: 486-4305  




   Koch, Jerry  

   Office: JH 111-J  

   Phone: 486-4316  




   Lee, Brooke  

   Office: JH 213-D  

   Phone: 486-4277  




   Pace, Julie  

   Office: MLH 201  

   Phone: 486-4910  




   Roberts, Cindy  

   Office: JH 213-R  

   Phone: 486-4829  




   Roy, Jaideep  

   Office: JH 111-S  

   Phone: 486-4302  




   Trevino, Hector  

   Office: JH 213-D  

   Phone: 486-4349  




   Uresti, Yvette  

   Office: JH 213-P  

   Phone: 486-4320  




   Zocchi, Mary  

   Office: JH 213  

   Phone: 486-4328  



Adjunct Faculty

Bao, Charles

Bentjen, Kerri

Brantley, Frank

Carrillo, Robert

Carrizales, Miguel

Castaneda, Gili

Chumley, Gary

Dart, Jim

De Leon, Roland

Do, Kim

Edwards, Jeff

Eichenholz, Joel

Francia, Belinda

Frawley, Carol

Garcia, Mei

Gonzales, Jayme

Gonzalez, Edgar

Graf, Shane

Hale, Bonnie

Harbert, Jesse

Hernandez, Elizabeth

Holt, Cindy

Iyinbor, Ruska

Jones, Joanne

Kalinowski, Neil

Kotara, Eric

Ku, James

Leal, Michael

Manchester, Ellen

Massey, Paul

Matocha, Amanda

Nasr, Gus

Negron, Ernesto

Perez, Eyra

Perry, Janet

Peterson, Dori

Petru, John

Ramirez, Candelario

Ranjan, Bhawana

Roberts, Cindy

Rosales, Elsa

Rosenthal, Deb

Salazar, Laura

Schulze, Ginger

Silva, Juan

Sims, Gene

Stith, Lake

Stone, Sarah

Uribe, Hector

Vasbinder, Deena

Villarreal, Howard

Walker, Preston

Ward, Greg

Watkins, Will

White, Karen

Williams, Donald

Zurcher, Ray

Math and Engineering Contacts

Mathematics and Engineering Department 
Phone: (210) 486-4814
Office: JH-213

Yalitza P. Guerra
Administrative Service Specialist
Phone: (210) 486-4235
Office: JH-213

Hector Trevino
Mathematics Faculty/Coordinator
Phone: (210) 486-4349
Office: JH-213D

Qiaoying Zhou
Department Chair
Phone: (210) 486-4383
Office: JH-213E