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Job Outlook

Nanotech Micro 3The nanotechnology industry is still in the exploratory stages. We offer one of the few degree programs worldwide, but the field is growing rapidly. According to the National Nanotechnology Initiative (, the industry is expected to generate two million new jobs by 2015, and trillions of dollars of investment. The demand for nano-scale materials is projected to grow an average of 30% per year over the next few years.

Are you interested in being on the cutting edge of a field that promises to revolutionize the world as we know it? Do you want to be a part of developing a 21st century battlesuit – bullet resistant, no thicker than spandex, and able to automatically react to chemical and biological agents? Do you want to develop new ways to detect and treat cancer? Would you like to develop clean fuels, semi-permanent tattoos or computers that can fit on the head of a pin? The future is now – are you ready to join us as we explore the wonderful world of nanotechnology.


Job After Graduation

 Indeed in Texas
eHow search engine 
Your Source for Engineering Jobs--search nanotechnology  
USA jobs 


Job Titles for Nanotechnology Graduates 

Biological Laboratory Tech.

Biofuels Tech.

Chemical Laboratory Tech.

Cleanroom Tech.

Deposition Tech.

Device Tech.

Engineering Tech.

Equipment Maintenance Tech.

Etch Tech.

Failure Analysis Tech.

Laboratory Tech.

Lithography Tech.

Materials Science Lab Tech.

Medical Devices Tech.

Microfabrication Tech.

Nanobiotech Researcher

Nanoelectronics Expert

Nanofabrication Tech.


Process Tech.

Production Scientist

Quality Control Tech.

Research Assistant

Scientist Specialist

SEM Operator

SPM Operator

Solid State Tech.

Test Tech.

Thin Films Tech.

Vacuum Tech.

Program Coordinator

Bharathi (Barti) Subramaniasiva, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
Phone: (210) 486-4773
Office: MLH-201

Area Contacts

Emily Coppin
Administrative Secretary
Phone: (210) 486-4352
Fax: (210) 486-9097
Office: MLH-201

Heather McCreery
Academic Chair, Workforce Programs
Phone: (210) 486-4360
Office: MLH-201A