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Marketable Skills Award, Computer Forensics CE 

Designed for information technology specialists, systems analysts and network administrators, this program is especially beneficial for individuals within law enforcement, private corporations or public agencies who are asked to search for and identify hidden digital data, or to analyze employee computer usage, stored or copied files, e-mail and internet history.


Semester I

Select One of the Following:

ITDF 1000 - Introduction to Digital Forensics
A study of the application of digital forensic science and technology to collect, analyze, document, and present information while maintaining a documented chain of custody. Overview of ethics,white collar crime, and other legal guidelines/regulations/laws. Includes overview of tools used for forensic analysis of digital devices in investigations.
ITSY 2043 - Computer System Forensics
In-depth study of system forensics including methodologies used for analysis of computer security breaches. Gather and evaluate evidence to perform postmortem analysis of a security breach.

Select One of the Following:

ITDF 2025 – Digital Forensics Tools
Prerequisites: ITDF 1300 or ITSY 2343
Skills-based course in the applications of forensic analysis software. Tools used in this course may include EnCase, ILook, Forensic Tool Kit, write blockers, StegAlyzerSS, “X-Ways”, ProDiscover Basic, and others.
ITSY 1091 – Special Topics in Information Technology/Security

ITDF 2030 – Digital Forensics Analysis
Prerequisites: ITDF 1300 or ITSY 2343
Digital forensic analysis, report preparation, and evidence presentation. Emphasizes legal and technical aspects of cases where digital forensics is employed.   

CE Contact Persons

Anthony Andrade
CE Program Manager
Phone: 210.486.4442

Yvonne Haynes
CE Program Manager
Phone: 210.486.4407

Angelica Esparza
CE Administrative Services Specialist
Phone: 210.486.4406

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