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Writing Contest: Why a Degree?

Students participated in the third annual Northwest Vista College Writing Contest, “Why a Degree.”Students wrote their essays based on a theme of their choice (read the Writing Contest Rules).

Each essay was reviewed and scored by a group of college faculty and staff using an anonymous numbering system. 

Congratulations to all the winners! Click on the links below to read the winning essays*.

Prizes: First Place - $500, Second Place - $300, Third Place - $150, Fourth Place - $100 NVC Bookstore Card 


Illeana  Emily  Coley  Kimberly 
First Place 
Illeana Barron 
Second Place
Emily Veale 
Third Place
Coley T. Bellamy 
Third Place
Kimberly A. Redgate 
Joaquin  Yasemin  Miranda  Sonie 
Third Place
Joaquin J. Rodriquez 
Fourth Place
Yasemin A. Dinibutun 
Fourth Place 
Miranda Hoffpauir 
Fourth Place 
Sonie M. Johnson 
Ted   Rebecca  Gustavo   Ignacio 
Fourth Place 
Theodore Prendez  
 Fourth Place
Rebecca Leigh Reyes 
 Fourth Place 
Gustavo M. Villa, Jr. 
 Fourth Place
Ignacio J. Zamarripa 


*Names and essays released with student permission. Some winning names and essays are not displayed.