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Student Stories 2011 > Edgar Vega

Student Story: Edgar

Photo Large EdgarEdgar Vega, 24, has only been in the United States for a few years, but he’s already learned to embrace his new country and Northwest Vista College.

Edgar and his family moved from Puerto Rico almost two years ago for better jobs and opportunities. With the help of his mom, he learned that NVC offered an Associate of Arts in Music Technology.  Now, he’s even more motivated to pursue his passion of one day becoming a recording artist.

But just a few years ago, Edgar didn’t think he had a chance. In Puerto Rico, he said, there are a few opportunities for people in the arts and he wasn’t motivated in high school to attend class. Now, he’s proud that he’s a 4.0 student and has a new start here in America.

“I tell my friends to appreciate the opportunity they are given,” Edgar said. “If you are going to come here and get bad grades, it’s not worth it. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.”

After NVC, Edgar hopes to transfer to a four-year university that also offers a bachelor’s degree in Music Technology. He hopes to use his knowledge to enhance Christian music and maybe make chart-topping songs.

In the meantime, when Edgar is not playing guitar at his church, he’s busy studying for his six classes at NVC. 

“I think NVC is awesome! I really like the teachers; they are sensitive to the students. I’m also saving money by going here. It’s the same education and classes that I would get at a four-year university.”