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Student Stories 2011 > Hunter Lee

Student Story: Hunter

Photo Large HunterAt only 18 years old, Hunter Lee is hoping to leave Northwest Vista College this semester or by this summer with an associate degree in general studies.

After that, he’s not quite sure yet if he wants to join the Army or go to a four-year university, but one thing he is certain, he wants to earn his associate degree.

Since he’s been a teenager, Hunter has been racking up many achievements. He’s a World War II re-enactor for the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg. Hunter also volunteers for the Civil Air Patrol, a civilian auxiliary group of the U.S. Air Force, to do search and rescue missions of downed aircraft. This past summer, Hunter also participated in teaching other Civil Air Patrol (CAP) volunteers on search and rescue techniques since he’s qualified with CAP and also as a Search and Rescue Technician 2 through the National Association for Search & Rescue.

Another goal Hunter wants to accomplish this year includes volunteering for a Hill Country area fire department and getting an Emergency Medical Technician license.

When he’s not studying or volunteering, Hunter also works part-time at Wal-Mart and is on the executive board of NVC’s Gamers Anonymous Club.

Although he will be leaving NVC soon, Hunter said he’s enjoyed most of his classes and instructors. He said he will never forget his speech class with instructor Laura Lawrence.

“I left her class a better speaker than when I started. She changed my opinion on how college classes should be,” Hunter said. “It was so relaxed in her class, and her style helped to ease the stress off of students.”