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Student Stories 2011 > Meagan Prince

Student Story: Meagan

Photo Large MeaganComing to Northwest Vista College made perfect sense for Meagan Prince, 20, a graduate of Smithson Valley High School. She said she never quite understood why anyone would want to go somewhere other than a community college for their first few years after high school.  She says Northwest Vista College offers the same quality education at an affordable price.

It also didn’t hurt that Meagan heard that Northwest Vista was a new campus and offered collaborative learning, which is an environment she felt she could thrive in.

“I have liked every single teacher I have ever taken a class with. It’s been really great here,” she said. “Even my yoga and Pilates instructor helped sign me up for the next semester by printing out my degree plan - and she’s not even a counselor.”

While Meagan only has a few more classes to take before transferring to the University of Texas at San Antonio, she still plans on acquiring her associate degree in education. Her goal one day is to be an elementary school teacher.

In the meantime, Meagan maintains a busy schedule. She said in addition to school, she’s always working and rarely has gone without a job since being in college.

“I always like to have a [full] schedule, and I have to be doing something,” she added. “I never had that mentality where I just wanted to be lazy.”