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M.S.I. is a NVC student organization for men who want to strengthen their leadership skills, build firm moral character, and gain lasting friendships with other male leaders.

Our organization is dedicated to helping men of all ages understand the values of:

  • Vision
  • Self-Control
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Humility
  • Confidence
  • Discipline

We  prepare members with:
•    An all-around professional outlook
•    The knowledge of how to teach and train oneself and others
•    How to inspire peers with both actions and words

We are looking for dedicated NVC male students who are willing to help one another grow in confidence and to reach for goals that may be hard to reach on our own.
How M.S.I. works:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              All members must complete and application and be selected for the program

Members of M.S.I. will commit to the following each semester in order to maintain membership:
➢    Be registered for a NVC course
➢    Participate in at least 5 hours of engagement(on and/or off campus)
➢    Attend at least 4 hours of M.S.I. meetings
➢    Attend 4 hours of leadership/professional development trainings
➢    Complete at least 2 hours of community service each semester

Meet your MSI coaches!

MSI Coaches - Group 2014

                            H. Stillwater; J. Rosas; K. Washington; E. Alvear; M.Uresti 

*From left to right:

Harrison Stillwater- Business major

Juan Rosas- Business major

Kent Washington- 3D Animation major

Eloy Alvear- Business major

Matt Uresti- Psychology major


To submit an application or for more information, please email: Sergio De Hoyas Jr. email: .

 Applications may also be dropped off in the Student Life Office in the HH building room 109 in Daniel Johnson's Office.


CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION: Spring 2015 Male Success Initiative app (3)


Program Advisors:

Daniel Johnson  

Marie Morgan   (Will be returning Mid April)



Marie Morgan, Director of Student Life
(210) 486-4009

Kelly Blanco, Coordinator
(210) 486-4010

Kim Pinder, Admin. Svcs. Specialist
(210) 486-4004

Bianca Ramirez, Sr. Activities Specialist
(210) 486-4526

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