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To qualify for this award through NVC, you must have:

Completed 100 or more hours of service to the community within a calendar year. You must also be a currently enrolled NVC student or a current NVC staff/faculty member at the time of application.

What cannot be included to get this award from NVC? 

  • Hours attending club meetings or planning meetings, unless you are planning for an event to benefit the community, not a fundraiser for your club.  
  • Hours teaching bible school, or proselytizing of any religion.   
  • Hours that are needed to complete an internship for a class.  For example, if the internship is required as coursework and the reward is a grade, then this is not service to the community. If a student continues to serve beyond the internship requirement, then those hours will count. However, if a student is doing service-learning for a portion of the grade, then the service will count.
  • Any paid service at a non-profit.   
Award Criteria

Any NVC student, staff, or faculty that meets the program’s criteria can receive Presidential recognition for volunteer hours served over a 12-month period or over the course of a lifetime. Criteria for recognition are:

  • Recipients must be United States citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States.
  • Awards are issued for service hours served within a 12-month time period or over the course of a lifetime.
  • Awards are issued for volunteer service only. Additional levels of participation with the organization, i.e. charitable support, are not a factor considered for the award.
  • Court-ordered community service does not qualify for the award. 
  • Service must be with an organization that is legally established in the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or one of the territories.  

What type of qualifying documentation is needed for the award?

Create a record of service on the PVSA website to record your hours of service,, using NVC’s Record of Service Key: QFR-32318. When you are ready to apply for the award please provide a letter or certificate from the non-profit(s) stating in what capacity you served as well as dates of service and total hours, to include a contact name and number.

Award recipients receive:

  • An official President’s Volunteer Service Award pin.
  • A personalized certificate of achievement.
  • A note of congratulations from the President of the United States.
  • A letter from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation.

Information about the Award:

Recognizing and honoring volunteers sets a standard for service to others. It encourages a sustained commitment to civic participation and inspires others to make volunteering a central part of their lives. The President's Volunteer Service Award recognizes individuals, families, and groups that have achieved a certain standard – measured by the number of hours served over a 12-month period or cumulative hours earned over the course of a lifetime.

***If someone has completed 100 or more hours of service to the community and do not meet the qualifications for the award through NVC, I would recommend that they ask the organization that they served with to recognize them for this award. Most non-profits and places of worship are eligible to participate in this program, and it is a great award to pursue.

Any questions, please call Kelly Blanco at 210-486-4010 or email at Bring your application and documentation of service to the Huisache Hall, room 109.  Application dates are November 8, 2014 or April 17, 2015.  Service needs to performed and documented on or before the application date in order to receive your award in the semester that it is submitted.

Voices on Service - Top 

"You will be amazed how you can touch a person's life just by giving a few hours of your time. Service and leadership in your community go a long way and have helped me become the person I am today." 

- Patricia Bennett 2013 

Voices on Service - Low 
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(210) 486-4010

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