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Faculty Proposal for Learning Community Form

If you would like to create a new learning community, please complete a Proposal for Learning Community form. Note: Due to the uncertainty of adjunct faculty assignments each semester, if you are an adjunct or plan to partner with an adjunct, please talk with you chair before working on a proposal. The form is a fillable PDF, so you can work on it and save the form to your computer.  Once completed, email it to your department chair for approval.  CC your teaching partner and their department chair as well so they can also approve the proposal.  Once approved, your chairs can forward their form to the Title V department (MZH-204-D) for processing.  We will work with your chairs to secure official approval, and will notify you after approval with the next steps.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in teaching a learning community and are looking for information to help you get started, the resources below may help.  These links will aid you in exploring the benefits of learning communities, brainstorming and planning ideas, and integrating curriculum between linked classes.  In addition, several web sites are provided to show you thematic learning communities already being offered at other schools.

Benefits of Learning Communities

Brainstorming and Planning

Integrated Syllabus Example

Learning Community Themes at Other Colleges

Contact Information

Project Director:
Patricia Medina
(210) 486-4897

Academic Program Specialist:
Baily Rodriguez
(210) 486-4497