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Library Studies

The Library Technology program provides technical and practical skills for career opportunities in libraries of all kinds.  Students will progress from theory to hands-on practice in the four major service areas of libraries to practice and discussion of skills required on the job.  The five courses constitute Certificate program which is listed as part of the Corporate and Community Education Division.  A student can earn a certificate to help get a job or promotion, upgrade job skills, and/or meet school district Continuing Education Units (CEU's) requirements.  The five available courses are: 

        1.  Introduction to Libraries                                 LBRA 1071

        2.  Acquisitions and Cataloging                         LBRA 1072

        3.  Public Services                                                LBRA 1073

        4.  Internship in Library Assistant                      LBRA 1074

        5.  Information Sources and Services               LBRA 1075


The cost of each of these courses is $335 per person.  Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbook(s) and/or other required course materials. Students will have to successfully complete 80% of the course in order to receive the Certificate of Completion accordingly that will note anywhere between 3.2 to 4.8 CEU's.  These courses are offered on-line.  For registration information, please call (210) 486-3404 and a representative will assist you.   

Fall 2013 Schedule


Course/CRN  Dates Day Payment Deadline
LBRA 1075 6/9 - 7/31 On-line 6/2/2014



Course Descriptions

Introduction to Libraries

Comprehensive study of advanced communication skills for library assistants including techniques in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Emphasis on clear concise written and spoken communication; techniques for time management, prioritizing reading materials, and comprehending the main ideas and salient details of technical materials, including journals and reports, and other work related materials.  Covers types of information organizations and employers, role of the LTA, automation, history of the book, tools, and terminology, basic library philosophy, seeking a job, library vendors, conflict resolution, and dealing with change.


Acquisitions and Cataloging

Introduction to cataloging systems (Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal), the acquisitions processes, bibliographic search tools, terminology, serials ordering, check-in and claims processes, and the U.S. MARC coding.


Public Services

Covers the circulation desk, interlibrary loan functions and a variety of other public service processes, including circulation policies, reserve collection policies and procedures, copyright issues, terminology, public relations, stacks maintenance, inventory, and keeping and reporting statistics and audiovisual services.


Internship in Library Assistant

A work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills and concepts.  A learning plan is developed by the college and the employer.


Information Sources and Services

Covers reference philosophy, criteria to evaluate an information source, information sources available in all formats, the reference interview, search strategies, Boolean searching, and digital resources.



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