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College Cost & Financial Resources

The cost to attend Palo Alto College for each ten (10) month period is approximately $18,500 (U.S. Dollars). All applicants need to show proof of funds sufficient to cover tuition fees during enrollment periods. For initial admission, students need to provide letters of financial verification and support in the amount of $18,500.

A Confirmation of Financial Resources form is provided as part of this admissions application. Students must complete this form and submit it to the DSO complete with bank signatures. Official letters with account number, and account balance amount, on bank letterhead, signed and certified by a bank official, period (Table I) for the fall and spring term.

Students and account balance amount, on bank letterhead, signed and certified by a bank official, will substitute for the Confirmation of Financial Resources form and serve as proof of financial responsibility.

Housing and other expenses listed below show the cost of attending Palo Alto College over a 10-month period (Table 1) for the fall and spring term. Students MUST register full-time during the fall and Spring Term. Enrollment during the summer term(s) is optional. Cost related to housing, living expenses, books and supplies vary from semester to semester and from student to student. The figures From Tables I should be used for approximation only.

Approximate Cost to Attend Palo Alto College Over a 10 Month Period 
TUITION AND FEES $4,000.00* $4,000.00*
BOOKS/SUPPLIES $1,000.00* $1,000.00*
HOUSING/LIVING EXPENSES $5,000.00** $5,000.00**
SEMESTER TOTAL $10,000.00* $10, 000.00*
  TOTAL  $20,000.00 

* Please note that these are projected estimates of school tuition/books and living expenses. Tuition fees and books may vary according to number of registered credit hours.

** Housing and living expenses may vary based upon the location and choice of apartment complex.

Please note: Additional funds for Living Expenses are required if spouse and/or children will accompany the F-1 student. The additional cost will be $5,000.00 per dependent.


All students are required to pay health insurance premium every semester while enrolled. The cost for health insurance premium is approximately $66.00 per semester and is included under tuition and fees.

Palo Alto has a payment plan, which allows the student to pay (50%) of the tuition before the classes begin, and the remaining balance is (6) weeks (25%) and twelve weeks (25%) after the initial payment. It is recommended that students check with the Bursar's (Cashiers) office for specific payment deadlines and information on installment payments.

Contact Information

Designated School Official:
Mallorie Vallejo

Palomino Center (PC-117)


Principal Designated School Official:
Rose Medrano

Palomino Center (PC-117)