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Gas prices affecting San Antonio's citizens

By Danny Mendez | Pulse Staff Reporter

Gas Prices
Photo by Danny Mendez

Gas prices are increasing and many people are seeking different modes of transportation. The Natural Resources Defense Council says that drilling isn’t the answer, since it hasn’t done anything to decrease prices at the pump.

A gallon of gas would cost you just over $3, depending on the location of the convenience store. If people drive less and carpool more, they can reduce the amount of pollution in the atmosphere and save money.

Those who are interested in carpooling may visit, a free online service that helps people find carpool partners.

PAC sophomore Nursing Major Kristi Glover uses a personal vehicle to get to and from school. Her second option of alternative transportation would be to use a bike. Carpooling is another option that she agrees with because it means saving more gas.

PAC student Enrique Huerta believes gas prices are “extremely unfair” based on trade prices. Huerta uses his truck for errands and uses the VIA bus to get to school. His reason for using the bus is based on the idea that it saves him $500 to $600 per month.

For students wanting to purchase a VIA bus pass, please visit where semester passes, both Fall and Spring, cost $35. Students with a semester pass can travel all over town as many times as they want.

PAC students who want to purchase this pass can pick it up at the Bursar’s Office located in the Palomino Center. Their business hours are on Mondays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.  and on Tuesdays to Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Bursar’s Office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

PAC professor of Mathematics Alfredo Alvarez would consider carpooling with others as he has in the past. He believes that it would save money and the environment. He said that there should be more carpooling stations in the city as well as route organization.

The San Antonio Commuter/Carpool Center has organized 49 available carpools and their destination and organization cities. These can be found on

Freshman Music Major Chris Rodriguez said, “Gas prices are fair because of the economy today.”

Rodriguez uses the bus to get to school. The reason he uses the bus is because it’s about going green. As an alternative, Rodriguez skates. He also would consider carpooling based on the fact that he would be sharing a ride with someone.

The San Antonio B-Cycle program is a large-scale municipal bike sharing system that is being placed here in downtown San Antonio. To become a member of this program, visit and follow the link at join San Antonio B-Cycle, or you may contact them at (210) 281-0101 or drop by 600 Hemisfair Plaza Way.

Sophomore Physical Therapy Major Robert Gutierrez believes that gas prices are unfair. For his transportation, Gutierrez uses an automobile because it is the most convenient. Carpooling is a factor he would consider.

All in all, PAC students are finding ways to conserve how much money they spend at the pump. Whether they are carpooling or riding a bike, students are going green to save green.