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Ten tips for successful learning

Jocelynn Mireles | Pulse Staff Reporter

Ten tips for successful learning
Students gather in the TRIO Student Support Service study area. Kandice Fambro, a sophomore Nutrition major, Laura Heickman, a sophomore Biology major, and Sohail Moeen, a freshman Engineering major.

As graduation approaches, Palo Alto students and faculty members recommend the following success tips to reach your potential.

Stay motivated and determined: Your brain is the most important tool you have. Fill your thoughts with positivity, and you will notice better outcomes.

“Define what success is to you. Your idea of success might be different from the person next to you. Always take pride in your work,” said Helen “Honey” Kirk, a professor in the Mathematics department.

Acquire adequate tools for each course: Read the syllabus professors hand out the first day of class. The syllabus serves as a guide of what to expect from the course. Here you find tools and supplies that are needed to be successful in class and when projects/exams are due.

Keep a calendar/planner: Plan each day accordingly. Always keep a calendar as a reminder of upcoming assignments.

“If you don’t have time management as your base, you might as well go ahead and say, ‘I’m done.’ Get organized!” said Kandice Fambro, a sophomore Nutrition major.

Maintain a proper diet and exercise plan:  Developing healthy habits can be a domino effect to success. Eat healthy and you will have the proper nutrients for brain function. Exercise routinely and your stress is likely to decrease.

“If you’re having a chaotic day, it’s good to go to the weight room and forget about the stressful things and lift the burdens off your shoulder,” said Juan Aguilera, a Kinesiology and Health instructor.

Communicate with your professors/participate in class: Stand out in class by asking and answering questions. If a professor sees that you are making an effort to be successful, he or she will help with any misunderstandings about the course.

Talk to your peers: Communicating with your peers is a useful resource. Form study groups. Discussing subjects help students learn.

Learn to balance school and work: Most students at Palo Alto carry a part-time or full-time job. Balancing the two is a hard act in itself, but a diploma is a promising reward.

“Sometimes it’s hard to balance the two, but I just leave my school stuff at the door and make sure my homework is done before I have to be at work. School comes first,” said Briseida Espitia, a junior Business major.

Take advantage of resources that are offered (e.g. tutoring, labs, computer centers): “Successful students seek outside resources. They know when to go to the Math or Science Learning Center to get that extra help,” said Janet Rangel, counselor/student development instructor.

Palo Alto offersmany resources that can assist students struggling in subjects. The campus offers free Math, Science, Reading and Writing centers.

Create a road map to graduation: Set achievable goals at the beginning of each semester. Keep a list of classes that are needed to graduate. At the end of each semester, scratch off each completed class.

Take advantage of what this campus offers. This ensures you will thrive and achieve your academic goals.