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Program Policy

Student Orientation

All students who are admitted into the program are required to attend a mandatory Veterinary Technician Student Orientation. Only students who attend the orientation will be allowed to register for classes.
The orientation is held around second or third Thursday in July before the fall semester begins. The student will be notified of the date. Plan to set aside the majority of the day for the orientation program.

A new student handbook is published once a year and is available at orientation.

Health Screening/Immunizations

Safety considerations and procedures regarding disease are a primary consideration at PACVTP. Those students who have been fully accepted into the program are required to submit written documentation that their health will permit them to meet requirements of PACVTP prior to enrollment. All students must provide proof of physical exam, and complete an emergency contact form and a medical release form, which will be maintained in your file.

In an effort to help maintain safety for our students, we strongly recommend/require the following immunizations:

  1. Pre-exposure rabies prophylaxis (Recommend)
  2. Tetanus prophylaxis (Required)

If the student declines any of these immunizations, a waiver form must be signed and placed in the student's file. The Veterinary Technology Program strongly recommends a pre-exposure rabies prophylaxis vaccination series for all PACVTP students at the student's expense. Documentation verifying rabies vaccination series will be requested prior to registration for the fall semester. 

 Note: A downloadable Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation forms are provided in Applications and Forms

Kennel Duty Rotation

All students are required to participate in the daily care and cleaning of animals housed by the program. Kennel duty is performed on a rotational basis, five days a week and one full weekend shift. 

Failure of a Course

All Veterinary Technology courses must be taken in sequence and a final grade of "C" or higher must be obtained in each course in order to progress to the next semester. Upon failure of a course, re-entry into the Veterinary Technology program will require a GPA of 2.0 or above. Students will have to wait until the following year to retake the courses that were failed. Re-entry into the program is contingent on class space available.

Pregnancy & Other Special Needs

Because of the nature of this profession, there are certain limitations that should be observed by any student who is pregnant or might be pregnant. The hazards that accompany many of our courses, such as use of radiation, anesthetic gases, formalin, as well as other chemicals, can be highly detrimental to an unborn fetus. Any student who believes she may be pregnant has a right to privacy regarding her pregnancy. However, should she voluntarily choose to waive that right in part, she may request that the program director arrange detailed counseling regarding the potential hazards and strategies to reduce them. Students are ultimately responsible for determining the likelihood of their pregnancy and reducing its hazards in the context of the program. Such hazard reduction might extend to dropping courses with hazards not susceptible to adequate reduction. If dropping a course is desired in this context, special accommodations may be made. If students wish to continue the program during their pregnancy and has already declared being pregnant then the student will be asked to sign a waiver form that will discussion the potential hazards and the student responsibilities.


Below you will find a breakdown of expenses for attending the Palo Alto Veterinary Technology Program.  Students should be aware that these costs are an estimate.  Costs will vary with the number of hours taken in a given semester, and whether a student lives "In district".

Tuition costs are given for In-District students for 2017-2018.

Veterinary Technology Expenses
  Hours Tuition Fees Books 
Add'l Cost (approx.)
Prerequisites: 6 $516 $31 $300  
Fall Semester:
(First Year)
12 $1,032+$300* $37 $1,125 $450
Spring Semester:
(First Year)
11 $946+$300* $36 $572  
Summer Semester:
(First Year)
5 $516 $5 $179  
Fall Semester:
(Second Year)
13 $1,118+$300* $38 $516  
Spring Semester:
(Second Year)
13 $1,118+$300* $38 $438  
Summer Semester:
(Second Year)
        TOTAL: $10,651 (approx)

* Special Program Tuition
** Credentialing Exam fees