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With the proliferation of iPads and other highly portable computing devices, podcast audio and video has become a viable supplemental teaching tool. The Adelante Tejas team is working with faculty to develop focused multimedia podcasts to address frequently misunderstood course concepts and oft-repeated assignment instructions. Several podcasts have been created for a variety of STEM disciplines including Computer Science, Mathematics and Microbiology.

3D Capture & Visualization


Printed textbooks have long used two-dimensional media to illustrate course content while physical models and artifacts have been valuable classroom tools for many years. 3D capture and visualization technology is now readily available to San Antonio College faculty and students, allowing us to digitally recreate paleontological specimens and articulated models and send them home with all of our students.


Drone Capture

Drone Flight 

With all of the controversy surrounding the use of drones in modern society many people underestimate the usefulness of these powerful little in educational content creation. They have been seen as hobbyist toys, amusements, security risks many. However we are using this technology for the educational data. Arial photography, Video and 3d capture are all useful educational tools if used in the right context.