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Open Entry / Open Exit (a self-paced instructional style)

Open Entry/Open Exit courses are computer courses taught in a non-traditional setting. There are no structured lectures, but a faculty member is always available to demonstrate software and answer questions. Students sign a contract after being oriented by faculty in NTC 307. Students should bring required texts and supplies available in bookstores when first reporting to NTC 307. Individual orientation is handled one-on one the first day of class. Attendance the first week of class is required; assignments begin and are usually due this first week. Students must attend regularly a specific number of hours a week. Tests are monitored by faculty in NTC 307. Open Entry/Open Exit hours are 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Fridays. Call 210-486-0531 for further information or registration assistance. 

The following courses are taught in the Open-Entry/Open-Exit Classroom: 

ACNT 1191. Special Topics in Accounting POFI 2301. Word Processing

ACNT 2373. Microcomputer Accounting Applications II

POFI 2340. Advanced Word Processing

ITSC 1309. Integrated Software Applications I

POFL 2301. Legal Document Processing

ITSW 1301. Introduction to Word Processing

 POFT 1127. Introduction to Keyboarding

ITSW 1313. Introduction to Data Entry

POFT 1174. Ten-KeySkillbuilding

LGLA 1317. Law Office Technology

POFT 1175. Keyboarding Skillbuilding I

MRMT 1407. Medical Transcription I

POFT 1176. Keyboarding Skillbuilding Il

MRMT 2433. Medical Transcription II

POFT 1272. Word ProcessingMS Office Word 2010

POFI 1171. File/PC Management for Windows 7

POFT 1273.Spreadsheet Applications MS Office Excel 2010

POFI 1179. Discovering Computers

POFT 1274. Database ApplicationsMS Office Access 2010

POFI 1271. DreamWeaver CS5

POFT 1275. Presentation SoftwareMS Office PowerPoint 2010

POFI 1276. Adobe Acrobat

POFT 1329. Keyboarding and Document Formatting

POFI 1291. Basic Computer Skills

POFT 2301. Intermediate Keyboarding

POFI 1301. Computer Applications I

POFT 2303. Speed and Accuracy Building

POFI 1373. Graphics for the Office

POFT 2331. Desktop Publishing/MS Publisher 2010

POFI 1374. Microsoft Comprehensive Access 2007

POFT 2333. Advanced Keyboarding





Contact Information

Elizabeth Haan
ACT Lead Program Coordinator

Nail Technical Center
(NTC-313 or 314)