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San Antonio College “iPad in Classroom” Pilot Study Program 

Enhancing Teaching and Learning with use of iPads 

Spring 2014 

Name of Participant: 


Course Name, Day/Time, Room:


Participant Department:  


Do you Currently own an iPad? 




Project Description:
Provide a 500 word summary of the overall project.



Project Goals:
Prepare a one-page narrative description of project goals. Indicate clearly the learning and skill development that will occur for both the students and the teacher as a result of their participation in the project. 



Project Objectives:
Discuss how technology will be used with students in innovative ways.


Project Activities:
Clearly describe your proposed use of the iPads. Include a description of how your student-centered use of the technology will change the nature of how learning takes place and how it will directly support instruction and impact student performance. The technology tools should not drive, but facilitate the instruction. Identify the specific course and section in which the project will be accomplished. Make sure to identify the term, department, course, section, day and time for the class so we can ensure you have access to the class set of student iPads.