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Library Info 

SAC Library Info

1001 Howard St.
San Antonio TX, 78212
(210) 486-0554
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Staff Directory

Name   Email Address   Department Unit   Phone Number  
Alvarado,Michael   Network Services 210-486-0034 
Berry, Richard  Technical Support Services 210-486-0777
Cadena, Sylvia     Audio/Video Services  210-486-1349 
Castillo, Aldo    Help Desk  210-486-0777 
Connell, Elida  Technical Support Services 210-486-1857
Cura, Healther L.  Instructional Technology   210-486-0044 
Dikcis, Steven    Technical Support Services  210-486-0777 
Estep, Juanita    Technical Support Services  210-486-0777 
Flores, David  Technical Support Services 210-486-1057
Flores, Yescenia    OTS Projects   210-486-0784 
Garcia, Irene    Network Services  210-486-0777 
Gomez, Pablo    Multimedia/Programming Services  210-486-0790 
Hernandez, Daniel    Technical Support Services  210-486-0777 
Ibaroudene, Hamid  Technical Support Services 210-486-1469
Jaime, Adalberto    Network Services  210-486-0791 
Lay, Bob  Technical Support Services 210-486-1090
Loomis, Terry      OTS Asset Management   210-486-0807 
Lopez, Hermelinda   Audio Video Services          210-486-0811 
Lopez, Miguel    Technical Support Services  210-486-0032 
Marcie, Frank  Technical Support Services 210-486-0068
Pirhala, Ryan    Technical Support Services  210-486-0777 
Puente, Raven  Instructional Technology 210-486-0033
Rivera, Nestor  Technical Support Services 210-486-1090
Rosado, Manuel  Network Services 210-486-0783
Sanchez, Cheri    Technical Support Services  210-486-0777 
Sanchez, Irene    Technical Support Services  210-486-0799 
Saucedo, Alex    Technical Support Services  210-486-0272 
Venkat, Usha    OTS Administration  210-486-0782 
Vigil, Pedro     Technical Support Services   210-486-0808  
Zamora, Juan  Technical Support Services 210-486-0777
Zepeda, Elia Technical Support Services 210-486-0777