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Meredith Miller Takes…

As the new director, Miller intends to continue building on Sinkin Eco Centro’s foundation as a resource for sustainability.
Meredith Miller

Meredith Miller Takes the Reins of William R. Sinkin Eco Centro

When the time came to begin the search for a new director, the William R. Sinkin Eco Centro asked for help from the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment - a sister organization at Texas State University in San Marcos

Meredith Miller, senior program coordinator at the Meadows Center, volunteered to find the right person. Miller was already very familiar with Sinkin Eco Centro. When the center first opened, she had brought volunteers from San Marcos to plant flowers in the garden. She had also been a guest speaker who gave presentations on water resource management and community involvement in resource planning.

Little did she know at the time, that she would take the job herself.

"I initially didn't anticipate it but the universe only gives you a few good opportunities and I thought this might be one," she said.

What captured her attention was that in the short time Sinkin Eco Centro has been in existence - the center was built in 2014 - it has built a base that serves both the community and San Antonio College.  

Miller is now building on that foundation to make Sinkin Eco Centro a place that will serve as a focal point to teach about sustainability. She also wants the center to be a place where people can get together and share ideas on living a sustainable life.

"Sustainability means different things to different people. It can be an overarching and confusing term," said Miller, who offered her definition. "It is about using our resources wisely. It about allowing eco-systems, whether human, natural, or built environments to do their jobs."

Part of her plan is to make Sinkin Eco Centro a showcase for the many ways to incorporate sustainability into daily life. For example, Miller intends to add an urban farm to the center. She also wants to take the shipping containers in the garden and demonstrate how they can be repurposed into offices or affordable housing.

In addition, Miller will work with SAC faculty to develop programs that can be used show how sustainability can play a vital role on both the campus and in the community.

Her goal is to have people visit Sinkin Eco Centro and leave feeling empowered. "I want people to have a sense of excitement and to ask themselves 'what changes can I make that are powerful and important to sustain life?'"