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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

How much does tuition cost?  

Tuition is based on the amount of credit hours a student is enrolled in per semester and if he/she is a in district/out of district or international student.

For more information on tuition rates please visit .  Click on the Future Students Tab and then the link for tuition and fees.

  How is tuition paid? 

Tuition is paid by semester based on the amount of credit hours a student is enrolled in.  He/she may provide payment  either in full, by payment plan, VA benefits, financial or loans. It is recommended to speak to the specific department such as Veteran Affairs or Financial Aid for more details.


 I am not a Alamo College student yet, where can I see the course schedule for both Mortuary Science and general education courses?

  1. Visit the following link:  Click here
  2. Once you arrive to the site, click on the term you are seeking to look up classes. (EX: Summer 2015, Fall 2015, etc.) Click submit.
  3. Do not select those listed as CE. These are strictly for continuing education courses only.
  4. Select MRTS for Mortuary Science courses. (Mortuary Science is only offered at San Antonio College)
  5. Click Class Search
  6.  Students who are students of the Alamo Colleges District can see the schedule through their ACES account.

Do you offer online courses?

Effective Fall 2015 we will only offer 1 course online, which is MRTS 1171 Introduction to Technical Procedures


Do you offer evening courses?

Effective Fall 2015 the following courses will be offered in the evening:

MRTS 1330 Funeral Service Internship Orientation

MRTS 1301 Contemporary  Funeral Service Practices

MRTS 1342 Mortuary Management I

MRTS 2342 Mortuary Management Ii

MRTS 2335 Mortuary Jurisprudence

MRTS 1272 Funeral Service Arts Board Preparation


What are your certificate and degree options?

 Our Department  offers two career paths a student can choose in our department. Students seeking a career in funeral directing can complete this by choosing the Funeral Director's certificate. Alternatively, students can also seek an Associate's of Applied Science in Mortuary Science. This career option will allow the student to complete curriculum both in funeral directing and embalming.  To see the degree and certificate plans, please click here

Can I just take classes only to become an embalmer?  

We do not offer certificate or degree options solely for embalming. In order to complete the embalming part of the curriculum, a student will need to opt for the Mortuary Science Associate of Applied Science Degree. This degree covers both funeral directing and embalming.