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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212

San Antonio Education Partnership Student Success Program serves as resource to provide academic advising/counseling and support for SAEP scholarship recipients who attend San Antonio College. We also act as a liaison for SAEP scholarship recipients, and the SAEP Program office at Café College.        
Our goals are: 
1) to provide assistance as students transition from high school to college;
2) to refer students to  academic support services; 3) to help students maintain the academic standards required to receive the scholarship, and 4) to help students achieve success in college.  


How to activate SAEP Scholarship

Scholarship Eligibility

          1) Graduate from a high school which participates in the SAEP program.

          2) Maintain 95% attendance rate in high school.

          3) Maintain 85% grade average in high school.


San Antonio Education Partnership high schools:


Edgewood ISD South San ISD:   San Antonio ISD:
Kennedy HS  South San HS  Brackenridge HS*


Memorial HS                                                                                             Burbank HS
                                                           Southside ISD:                              Edison HS* 
Harlandale ISD:
                              Southside HS                                 Fox Tech HS
Harlandale HS                                                                                          Highlands HS
McCollum HS                                  Southwest ISD:                             Jefferson HS
                                                           Southwest HS                                Lanier HS*
North East ISD:                                                                                         Sam Houston HS
Churchill HS                                    Northside ISD:
Lee HS                                             Clark HS
MacArthur HS                                   Holmes HS
Madison HS                                     Jay HS
Roosevelt HS                                  Marshall HS
                                                           Taft HS
Activating Your Scholarship
1.Present your scholarship certificate or award letter to the financial aid office at San Antonio College.

2. You must enroll full-time (at least 12 semester hours) to be eligible for the scholarship.

3. The scholarship can only be used Fall and Spring semesters.

4. The Education Partnership funds are sent directly to the college.

5. Scholarships are awarded annually based on availability of funding.

6. Scholarships must be activated the first semester you are enrolled in college.

7. The scholarship must be activated in the Fall or  Spring semester after high school graduation or it will expire.


How to Maintain Your Scholarship

  • Maintain your grade point average (GPA) at 2.0 or higher. To continue receiving the scholarship, academic and attendance standards set by the college or university must be met.
  • The scholarship is limited to five (5) years, or eight (8)  semesters following high school graduation, whichever comes first.
  • If you start at a community college, you are eligible to receive the scholarship for a maximum of four (4) semesters.  If you choose to transfer to a participating university, the scholarship may be offered for a additional four (4) semesters.  Contact your university's financial aid office.
  • If you start at a participating university, the scholarship may be awarded for a total of eight (8) semesters.
  • If you stop attending college after activation, you may reactivate your scholarship as you return to complete your college education within a five (5) year period after the initial activation of your scholarship.  Advise your college financial aid office to reactivate your scholarship.
     (GPA) at 2.0 or higher.
  • The scholarship is also awarded for enrollment in certification programs at the Alamo Colleges District.                                             



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Contact Information

Esther F. Campa, M.Ed.
Program Liaison
Certified Advisor

Phone: 210-486-0337

Moody Learning Center, 1st Floor