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Geraldo R. Guerra, M.A.
Office: MLC 707H
Phone: (210) 486 - 0164


Full-time staff:

Academic Program Specialist

Gerald F. Manahan, Jr., A.A., B.B.A, B.S.I.T., M.S.I.T.
Office: MLC 707K
Phone: (210) 486 - 0169

Administrative Services Specialist

Bertha Ovalle, B.S.
Office: MLC 707L
Phone: (210) 486 - 0167

Part-time staff:


Roxanne C. - Evening & Weekend


Nicole Q


Joel G. - Team Lead
Josie A. - Team Lead, B.A.
Delana G. - B.A., M.P.H.
Dina M. - B.B.A.
Fred W., B.S.
Sylvia B. 

Work Study

Andrew M. - Center Assistant/Team Lead
Kaide A. - Center Assistant/Team Lead
Jami K. - Center Assistant/Team Lead
Miguel A. - Center Assistant/Team Lead
Nancy G. - Center Assistant
Troy R. - Center Assistant
Ian F. - Center Assistant
Sarah M. - Center Assistant
Bryan O. - Center Assistant
Donnie M. - Center Assistant
Brianna H. - Center Assistant
Valerie G. - Center Assistant
Carolyn C. - Center Assistant
Abel M. - Center Assistant