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St. Philip's College Library 

MLK Campus: (210) 486-2330
Location: Center for Learning Resources (CLR)

SWC Campus: (210) 486-7023
Location: Building 1-C123

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The St. Philip’s College Instructional Innovation Center (IIC) is dedicated to empowering faculty and staff for success by providing professional development opportunities for faculty to promote professional growth, quality instruction, and innovative teaching, as well as professional development opportunities to support staff in enhancing their services to students.


The ACES portal has been upgraded. The following tutorial shows faculty how to use the new Course Tools. 

To log in -

The first time you access ACES, you will need to log in with your ACES id (such as jsmith) and your default password.

The default password is first 2 characters of your last name (UPPER case), followed by month (2 digits), day (2 digits), and year of your birthday (2 digits).

For example, the password for  Jane Smith born on January 2, 1966, would be SM010266.

After the default password information is submitted, the system will ask you to change your password. You can change your password back to your old password, if you wish. After you change your default password, you will be asked to provide Secret Questions and Answers.

Professional Development Week (PDW) - Fall 2015

The Instructional Innovation Center presents the Fall, 2015 Professional Development Week activities starting August 14th and running through Friday, August 21st. The College Convocation will be held on Saturday, August 15th for all employees.    

Please follow the link below for more details including the agenda.

Concourse Syllabus

Access your Concourse course syllabi by logging into ACES and selecting the Faculty or Employee tab. Then click the Enter Concourse link.  

Use the following faculty guide to update your class  syllabi. Contact the IIC if you need help. 

BioSig-ID for Online Courses

BioSig-ID™ is a multifactor authentication tool that uses physical biometrics to make it more difficult for unauthorized users to access secure data or commit fraud by posing as another individual. At Alamo Colleges, BioSig will be used to minimize academic dishonesty in online courses.

BioSig-ID™ is fully integrated with the Instructure Canvas learning management system. During the initial phases of the BioSig roll-out, the tool will be used only with fully online course offerings.

Use the following faculty guide to learn more about Bio-Sig. Contact the IIC if you need help.


Canvas Training 

Instructure Canvas is the Alamo Colleges standard Learning Management System for online, hybrid, and web-enhanced classes. Training in Canvas is conducted by the Instructional Innovation Center and consists of the Canvas Training for Web-Enhanced Classes program and the Distance Learning Certification program. To use Canvas in your face-to-face classes, you only need to complete the Canvas Training program. To teach online or hybrid classes, you must complete the Certification program. 

Sign up for the Canvas Training program through AlamoTalent. The course is fully online and will enable you to use the Canvas tools in your face-to-face classes. 

Master Teacher Certification Program

Established in the Fall of 1998, the Master Teacher Certification program has helped many faculty members actively engage in reflective and creative exercises and dialogs to improve their own teaching. Through collaborative learning experiences, online and face-to-face discussions across disciplines, exploration of best practices including the use of technology, and the development of an e-portfolio, faculty are challenged to think differently about teaching and learning and to learn new tools for effective classroom practice.

The Master Teacher Certification program requires the completion of an online course with five content topics, two required face-to-face discussion sessions to bring participants together to reflect and discuss concepts and techniques introduced in the online topics, a lessons learned report, and an e-portfolio that includes a teaching philosophy and samples of content developed throughout the program. Optional activities may also be scheduled to provide opportunities to expand on what is learned in the online course.

The next program will be offered  in Fall 2015. 

List of currently certified Master Teachers - Master Teachers

Master Teacher Certification Renewal Process

Master Teacher Certification must be renewed every two years, effective Fall 2014. To renew your certification, you must do (one) of the following:

  • Attend and engage in twelve (12) hours of Professional Development in Teaching and Learning.
  • Earn six (6) graduate hours in education or your teaching discipline.
  • Present at two or more state or national conferences.

Contact the IIC for any questions regarding the renewal process.

 For more information, please contact the IIC at

Contact Information

Luis A. Lopez

Lourdes Alba  

MLK Campus
Sutton Learning Center (SLC) 212