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St. Philip's College Library 

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St. Philip's College is looking for excellent students who want challenging and rewarding extracurricular experiences while pursing their college course work. The Student Engagement (SEG) Scholarship provides the opportunity to get involved with a special initiative, meeting other students, and developing a network of professional contacts. Financial support is provided to each student. Identify the extracurricular experience you are looking for and contact the SEG Project Director.

SEG Projects 2013 - 2014
Project Name  Project Manager  Telephone  Email  Description of Project 
Archives Digitization Rebecca Barnard 486-2583 Students will be expected to scan archival materials.
Centers of Excellence (Math) Ruben Prieto 486-7122 There are two parts to this initiative: 1) Awareness efforts at ISD events for our degree and outreach programs and 2.) Represent SPC STEM initiatives during external community agency events.
Center of Excellence (Science) Dr. Jo Dee Duncan 486-7121 Students will tabulate/organize data from different sources and massage the data to determine trending.
Commemorative Air Force David Weaver 486-7169 Engage Aviation Program students in a service-learning environment and help prepare them for entry into the work force and provide a foundation for a successful career.
Cyber Responders (Information Assurance and Security Haydar Sahin 486-2486 Volunteer a minimum of 15 hours a week to IT activities as designated by the IT sponsor. Need current student representing and assisting with the IT program.
Engineering Initiative Jessica Lopez 486-2530 Pre-engineering and/or Mechanical Engineering students will be expected to participate in recruiting activities, complete 15 hours of service-learning activities, 16 hours of internship and volunteer at SPC events.
Extramural Sports John Martin 486-2090 The student athletes are committed to participate in the sport of their choice and commit numerous hours of practice, study and game time.
Laboratory Technology Specialists (Science) Joseph Froelich 486-2037 The students would serve as laboratory student technology specialists.
Certificate of Completion in Massage Therapy John S. Braxton (CE) 486-2771 Students provide 96 hours of community service at the SPC Golf Tournament, 72 hours at CultureFest, and 75-100 hours at other on- and off- campus activities.
Middle College Manuel Navarro 486-7015 Our Phoenix program requires that all students prepare presentations and wear the appropriate dress attire, twice per semester.
Peer Leader Club Larry Garcia 486-2256 Peer leader/mentors have successfully guided students in transition through their critical first year of college where the majority of dropouts occur.
San Antonio Youth Wind Ensemble (SAYWE) Albert Aguilar (CE) 379-1039 To provide young, talented wind and percussion instrumentalists (grades 7 to age 20) the opportunity to participate in a college-based, high caliber concert band setting.
Eureka Science Club Hitish Nathani 486-2567 The Club fosters opportunities for involvement in community and professional activities by students of science.
Service Learning Student Facilitators Kevin Schantz 486-2246 The primary duty of these students will be to work with the Service-Learning Coordinator and service-learning faculty members in the implementation of various service-learning projects.
Student Government Association John Martin 486-2090 SGA officers are charged with numerous ventures throughout their tenure and would be required to fulfill at least 6 hours in the SGA office per week.
Student Leaders John Martin 486-2090 Student Leaders will serve a minimum of 6 hours a week in the Student Life office on related projects to develop their own personal leadership skills, and to promote leadership among their peers.
Tiger P.A.W.S Literary Art Journal Student Editorial Staff Jamie Miranda 486-2680 Student editors will be expected to critique all submissions, help select submissions for publication.
SPC Tutoring Services Promo Team Kevin Schantz 486-2246 Selected students will promote tutoring in general at SPC, collect Tutoring Services satisfaction data, and participate in the Tutoring Services Student Advisory Committee.
Tutoring Natural Sciences Stacie Harris-Koonhow 486-2553 Expectations of students with an Student Engagement Grant would be to tutor specific content areas and help with successfully running the daily tasks.
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) Janie N. Gonzales 486-2451 Accounting majors and other students with a business related major or related job background to volunteer a minimum of 256 hours per semester to the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program at St. Philip’s College.