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The Student Financial Services office does not issue billing statements, refunds, or accept payments. To help answer a few basic questions regarding student's refunds and where you can obtain more information, we've posted the information below.  Please keep in mind the various types of awards you will see in your ACES Award and Account Summary include grants, scholarships, and loans.  It is possible that only part of your financial aid will post while applications for other funds are processing. 


 I applied for financial aid but I don't see an award or refund check posted to my ACES account? 

Be sure you are looking in your ACES Award Summary for your financial aid award. 

  •  If your financial aid application has been fully processed and it has been determined you are eligible to receive aid, an award will post to the Award Summary in your ACES Financial Aid account. 
  • If your financial aid application has not been fully processed and you did not meet the Priority Processing Guarantee Date, please make plans to cover your tuition until your application is completed and eligibility determined.  

 My award is posted to my ACES Award Summary but has not credited to my bill in the Account Summary,  will I be dropped for non-payment?  

If an award is posted in the Award Summary of your ACES Financial Aid account, classes will be saved until the award credits to your Account Summary. If you do not have an award in your Award Summary when you register, you will be dropped for non-payment unless you make plans to resolve your tuition bill while your application is processing (please see installment plan information below). 

  My award has credited to my bill but I still have a balance? 

Make sure to review your bill which lists all charges and your total balance. If the balance is greater than your total aid package, you are responsible for paying any remaining charges before the Payment Deadline or risk being dropped from courses. 

 When will my award credit to my Account Summary? 

Students who have an award posted in their ACES Award Summary  and register prior to the first day of class will see funds credit to their ACES  Account Summary no earlier than 10 days before classes begin. This includes Flex I and II. 

Student who applied late and have an award posted after classes begin will see their funds credit to their ACES Account Summary 7-10 days following the posting of the award to the ACES Award Summary. 

Important -  Refunds will not be available on the Alamo Cash Card until the following Thursday or Friday after your refund is posted to your Account Summary. 

Will I be reimbursed for the tuition I pay out of pocket or through the installment plan? 

If you’ve paid your entire bill you will receive a refund through the Alamocash Card for the total amount you are eligible to receive. If your bill was higher than the award, you will not receive funds through Student Financial Services for any charges that exceed your total award.

If you are on the installment plan, your award will first pay the unpaid balance first and you will be refunded whatever amount is remaining up to the total amount of your award. If your bill is higher than your award, you will not receive a refund through Student Financial Services for any charges that exceed your total award.

 How will I receive my refund? 

  •   Credits posted on ACES by Sunday will load to ALAMOCash Cards on Thursday by 5:00pm 
  •  A financial aid credit to your account in ACES is indication of eligibility to receive funds as payment of tuition and fees 
  •  Once credited to your account, the Alamo Colleges must request the funds from the Department of Education to pay a Pell Grant, FSEOG, or Direct Loan. This multi-day process can be impacted by weekends and holidays 
  •  Upon receipt, funds are immediately sent to Acceluraid and transferred to your ALAMOCash Card.  
  • Cards are mailed to the address on file with the Admissions Office and in your ACES account.


  I haven't received my card or am having problems activating it?

To get information on the status of your card visit the Acceluraid website  or call 1-866-930-4065. If you are having problems activating your card call 1-966-678-7535. All Alamo Cash Card FAQs are also available online. 


More helpful Refund and Payment Information

Business Office Payment Calendar - Students whose financial aid has not been processed or still have a balance after tuition has been deducted from their award should check the Business Office Payment Calendar and resolve any balance by the necessary date or risk being dropped for non-payment

For information about when you will receive your Alamocash Card refund visit the Refund Schedule.

Business Office Installment Plan - Students who need to set up a tuition installment plan can do so through the Virtual Business Office.  

For other questions regarding your Installment Plan please contact your college's Business Office