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 Why is Financial Literacy important?

The pursuit of higher education for many first time and continuing college students can involve financial challenges and important decisions. The Alamo Colleges Financial Literacy Program is designed to give students the knowledge needed to ensure good financial decisions while in college and provide the tools to build a solid  foundation for the future.  

 What can I learn through Financial Literacy? 

 Financial Literacy provides learning opportunities on the importance of financial planning, managing your money, and understanding debt. Whether you are experienced in handling personal finances or just activated your first debit card, the Alamo College’s Financial Literacy Program is a good way to strengthen or build financial knowledge and know how.   

  Who needs to complete the requirement?  

Verification is only recommended for students but is not required.


 Steps to complete the process  

 Step 1. Log into the  Generations Federal Credit Union website 


 Step 2. Create account - Use your Banner ID Number as your Student ID, do not use your Social Security Number.  Your tracking of the course is done via your Banner ID Number.  If you use another ID number, your completion will not be tracked and the requirement will remain unsatisfied.  


 Step 3.   Complete 100% of the “Financial Literacy 101” Course.  It should take you approximately 25 minutes to complete the course. 


 Step 4. After completing the session your name will be included on a list sent to the college which will be used to verify the requirement is completed. You may also submit or fax  a copy of the certificate of completion to the Student Financial Services office at the college where you are applying for a Direct Loan, Federal Work Study, or submitting an Appeal for Reinstatement. Do not e-mail.