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FAQs and Steps to Complete Verification


 The U.S. Department of Education requires a portion of all FAFSA applicants go through a process of reviewing the information provided on the FAFSA called verification. The selection process is random and those selected are required to complete before eligibility can be determined.  


How do I Know if I was selected for the Verification Process?

  1. Look for an “asterisk *” on the SAR (Student Aid Report) sent to the e-mail address you provided on your FAFSA. Click here for a sample.
  2. Your ACES will list unsatisfied requirements under the Financial Aid tab.

 What if I was not selected?   

If you are not selected you could still be asked to provide other information to complete your file (ex. Citizenship or Selective Service confirmation). Your ACES Financial Aid tab will display any required documents or additional information needed. 

  What unsatisfied requirements will I see in ACES? 

The financial aid office will post all required documents to your ACES account under the Financial Aid tab  


  What is a tax return transcript? 

 A tax retrun transcript is an official document from the IRS listing all income tax information. Information on how to obtain a trancript is listed below.

 Can I submit an 1040 or tax transcript from a third party agency (H&R Block, Turbo Tax)? 

No. Only an official tax return trancript can be accepted.

 How long does verification take to proceess? 

If you submitted your completed verification documents by the Priority Processing Guarantee Date your documents will be reviewed and further eligibility determined by the first day of class. 

For students who are not priority applicants, the process is a minimum six (6) weeks. Visit the Priority Date page for more information on post priority date applicants.  

How can I monitor the status of my verification?

 Once documents are submitted you can monitor the status of verification in you ACES Financial Aid tab. Click to view ACES tutorial. 


Steps to complete Verification

1. View tutorial on how to obtain documents in ACES

2. Access ACES  

3.  Complete the fillable PDF(s) and print 

4. If asked to submit tax return transcripts, these can be ordered online at the IRS Website 

5. Submit all requested documents at the college where you are applying for financial aid. Remember to bring appropriate proof of identity if required to complete the Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose form  For office hours and fax numbers click here.     

 6. Click here for a list of all the Priority Dates and Deadlines


Avoid the common mistakes when submitting documents  

  1. Missing documents
  2. Unsigned documents
  3. Unreadable documents
  4. Incomplete documents
  5. Issues with your FAFSA 
  6. Changes to your FAFSA after submitting your documents
  7. Incorrect information (Name, SSN, Date of Birth)
  8. No Banner ID on documents