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What is verification?

 The U.S. Department of Education requires a portion of all FAFSA applicants go through a process of reviewing the information provided on the FAFSA called verification. The selection process is random and those selected are required to complete the process. 

How do I Know if I was selected for the Verification Process?

  1. Look for an “asterisk *” on the SAR (Student Aid Report) sent to the e-mail address you provided on your FAFSA. Click here for a sample.
  2. Your ACES MyPage will show you have “unsatisfied requirements” under the Financial Aid tab.

What unsatisfied requirements will I see in ACES?

This depends on the year you are selected for. Your ACES MyPage will list any documents you must submit.

Note: Student Financial Aid is no longer allowed to accept copies of student's or parent's 1040 tax returns. 


What if I was not selected? 

If you are not selected you could still be asked to provide other information to complete your file (ex. Citizenship or Selective Service confirmation). Your ACES Financial Aid MyPage will inform you of any required documents or additional information needed. 

How long does the verification process take?

If you submitted your completed verification documents by the Priority Processing Guarantee Date your documents will be reviewed and further eligibility determined by the first day of class. For students who are not priority applicants, the process is a minimum ten (10) weeks.

What if I am not a priority applicant yet proceed to register for classes before verification is complete. 

If you are not a priority applicant you are responsible for all tuition and fee charges until verification is complete and eligibility is determined. Your classes will not be saved. 


 How can I monitor the status of my verification? 


Once you submit the completed verification documents, the status in your ACES MyPage will remain unsatisfied (a red flag) until the document(s) are processed by the Financial Aid office. At any time during the verification process that your document status changes to incomplete due to a signature needed or other reason, immediately follow up with the Student Financial Aid office. Once the status of all the requirements are complete, check your ACES Financial Aid Award Summary to verify an award has been posted. 

How often should I check my ACES? 

  •   Students should check both their ACES e-mail and Financial Aid Status for messages weekly. 
  • If no messages are posted, students should allow 4-6 weeks before calling or visiting the Student Financial Aid office to check on their application. 


  Steps to Complete Verification 

 Make sure to check for Priority Dates and Deadlines  

 Click here for a full list of all the Priority Dates and Deadlines

    If you're asked to submit IRS 2012-13 or 2013-14 tax return transcripts 

Tax return transcripts can be ordered online at the IRS Website 

  •  Dependent students must submit a tax return transcript for you and your parents. If your parents filed separately you will need to submit tax return transcripts for both parents.
  •  Independent students must submit a tax return transcript for you and your spouse if taxes were filed separately.
  • If an amended tax return transcript is submitted, an IRS tax account transcript must also be submitted.
  • We do not recommend using the Third Party option for the IRS to send a tax return transcript to the college.


2012-13 Verification (Do not submit for 2013-14)

 Print the Verification Worksheet.  Make sure the form is complete with all signatures  and all household and tax filer information is consistent with the information you provided on the FAFSA. If you, your spouse,  and/or parent(s) provided a non-tax filer status on the FAFSA, check the box on the verification form for non-tax filers. Failure to complete all areas of the form will delay the processing of your verification.)

2012-13 Verification Worksheet (Fall, Spring, and Summer)


 If you're asked to submit W-2 forms 

All W-2 forms submitted must be the official IRS W-2 provided by the employer. The requirement in your ACES will specify whose W-2 needs to be submitted.

If you're asked to submit Child Support documentation 

Provide the specified information on the Verification Worksheet and submit documentation from the Texas Attorney General (OAG) listing the total amount of payments made as reported on the FAFSA. Please print both your name and Banner ID at the top of each page.

If you're asked to provide Food Stamp documentation 

Provide a copy of the Verification of Benefits ( Benefit Award Letter) from the Department of Health and Human Services for the student and/or parent . Please print both your name and Banner ID at the top of each page.

2013-14 Verification

  •   All 2013-14 Verification documents must be accessed through the selected student's ACES account. 
  • Once logged in the ACES MyPage will display all financial aid requirements.
  • By clicking on a requirement the link will open up to a website where information can be obtained or a fillable PDF document.
  • All fillabe PDF's must be printed once completed. 
  • Instructions on completing the requirement can be accessed by clicking on the Financial Aid Status link on MyPage.
  • Click here for an instructional graphic on locating student requirements in ACES. 


  Avoid these mistakes when submitting documents 

  1. Missing documents
  2. Unsigned documents
  3. Unreadable documents
  4. Incomplete documents
  5. Issues with your FAFSA 
  6. Changes to your FAFSA after submitting your documents
  7. Incorrect information (Name, SSN, Date of Birth)
  8. No Banner ID on documents


Submitting your documents 

Submit all requested documents at the college where you are applying for financial aid. This is generally the college the Admissions office has listed as your primary institution. 

For office hours and fax numbers click here.