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Alamo Colleges Education Services is a secure portal connecting Faculty, Staff & Students to Academic Resources, Email, and other Online Resources.

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Alamo Colleges Educational Services (ACES) Portal


From registering for classes to viewing your pay stub - we have it all in ACES. The home page for logged-in users will eventually function as a one-stop shop for students, faculty and staff with various customizable links to information pertinent to that user. The single sign-on feature is a major benefit of ACES, allowing one login to access various applications.

In ACES, the default home page for students, faculty and staff, will be populated with various links and graphics that are of general interest to users. However, users can customize their home page to remove or add certain links.

In addition to Banner integration, features of the new portal include channeled content and layout; end-user customization; separate channels for e-mail, personal and campus announcements. ACES will also provide other portal channels such as group collaboration tools that can be used by departments, organizations and clubs.

Over time, portal features will allow users to create an online environment customized for every member of the college community. 

We will constantly look to offer new functionality to students, faculty and staff that will enhance your ACES experience and help you take care of your business quickly and easily. Have an idea for something else we can do to make things better? Tell us at 


ACES Portal Login

  • Access the ACES portal at
  • Enter your User ID. Your User ID is the ID you use for email minus the, for example jsmith would be the User ID if your email is
  • The initial default password will be the first 2 characters of your last name, in upper case followed by month (2 digits), day (2 digits), and year of your birthday (2 digits). For example, my name is Joe Smith and my birthday is January 2, 1966. My initial password would be SM010266.
  • After the default password information is submitted, the system will ask you to change your password. When you change your default password, you will be asked to provide Secret Questions and Answers.


Note: For security purposes, a list of Password Rules and constraints for the Secret Questions and answers is displayed.

Note: If you forget your password, the secret challenge questions will be asked in order to identify you. The answer must be an exact match to the answer you initially provided for the system to identify you.



How do I access ACES?

To access ACES, go to the site: 

What features does ACES offer?

  • Single sign-on access to registration/drop & add, course search, grades, academic history, class lists, web grades, Blackboard, change of address, student webmail and online billing and payment info.
  • 23 x 7 availability (the system will be unavailable between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. daily for maintenance).
  • Personalized content delivered right to your web browser!
  • Real-time Alamo Colleges-wide announcements (such as class cancellations).

What is the purpose of the Portal?

The ACES portal will be the single web platform for the integrated delivery of information, services and online collaboration tools to the college community. The primary goals of the ACES portal include:

  • Providing a single sign-on environment for all internal resources.
  • Providing increased web access and self-service capabilities.
  • Increasing availability of and access to campus computing systems.
  • Delivering personalized content to each portal user in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Providing a level of technological services that meet the ever-growing expectations of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Enhancing teaching, learning and research through the delivery of integrated resources and tools.
  • Improving collaboration across departments and user groups in an online, real-time environment.

Who will use the ACES Portal?

  • The ACES portal is for all current students, faculty and staff. Channels have been designed to deliver content based on the user group of the person accessing the portal. Only persons with Alamo Colleges ACES IDs will have access to this information.
  • Students will be the primary users of the portal at its launch, as they will use it to register for courses, drop/add, pay bills - any functionality previously performed using PALS. 
  • Communications are being sent to incoming students with the portal address, while press-releases and email announcements will go out to all current students and employees.

How do I register in ACES?

Beginning with the Fall 2010 registration cycle, Alamo Colleges will begin using a new student record system called Banner in addition to a new portal system called ACES (Alamo Colleges Educational Services).  Currently enrolled students, registering for Fall 2010 classes will login to the ACES portal and access Banner Student Self-Service to register for classes.  Students registering for Summer 2010 classes will continue to use Student Self-Service via the PALS portal and follow the current process.  After the Summer sessions end, the Student Self-Service/PALS registration process will be disabled and all registration activities will move to Banner Student Self-Service accessed via the ACES portal.
Time Ticketing:
Priority Registration for Fall 2010 will begin June 14, 2010 via Time-Ticketing for all students currently enrolled in the Spring 2010 semester.  Time Ticketing is a process where your record will be assigned a code that indicates the first opportunity or date you will have to register for Fall 2010.  
Your Time Ticket is not a paper document that you have to pick up; rather, it is a code that gets assigned to your online record prior to the start of the Fall registration cycle.  Your Time Ticket Priority is based on the total number of earned hours posted on your Alamo College’s Banner Student record.  Your record combines all hours earned from each Alamo College in addition to any transfer hours that have been posted and credit awarded. 
Students may find the number of Earned Hours by logging into Banner Self-Service using the ACES portal beginning May 10, 2010 and selecting the Registration Status option from the Registration menu. Students that have difficulty registering on their appropriate date should contact the college’s Enrollment Services/Admissions and Records Office.
Certain types of students such as Dual Credit, Gateway, Early College High School, Academies, Senior Citizens and Virtual College students have historically not registered themselves into classes, but rather a High School/College Coordinator has handled the registration.  Registration for these types of students will continue to be assisted by college personnel and therefore, these students will not be assigned a Time Ticket and allowed to register via Banner Student Self-Service.
General Student Banner Information:
Students should make a habit of checking their Alamo Colleges e-mail each week for important messages from various Alamo Colleges offices (Financial Aid, Records, Registration, Billing, etc.). Your Alamo Colleges e-mail is the official method of communication for you to receive information about financial aid, admissions, registration, student billing and other official notifications. 
Additional information regarding access to the ACES portal and for fall registration will be available on the Alamo Colleges web sites.

Important Contacts

NLC: 210-486-5777
NVC: 210-486-4777
PAC: 210-486-3777
SAC: 210-486-0777
SPC: 210-486-2777
District: 210-485-0555

Admissions & Records/
Enrollment Services

NLC: 210-486-5401
NVC: 210-486-4700
PAC: 210-486-0701
SPC: 210-486-2700


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