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First Time in College Students

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First Time in College Students

Get a stamp, get a raffle ticket with a chance to win $50 each month?  

Collect all the stamps and have a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the year.

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Northeast Lakeview College is the newest of the five Alamo Colleges and is located in northeast Bexar County. With a student enrollment of just over 6,000 students, we offer small classes that provide more personalized instruction to help you achieve your educational goals with ease.

Explore our World

In addition to a variety of educational courses and programs, Northeast Lakeview College offers a rich student life package and extracurricular activities, including clubs and organizations, sports and recreation, leadership programs, performances, and diversity and cultural programs. We invite you to explore Northeast Lakeview College and see how we can become your first choice in reaching your higher education goals.

College Connections Website

In partnership with area independent school districts, the College Connection program is designed to assist you (the high school senior) transition into higher education.

Apply for Admissions

Northeast Lakeview College and the Alamo Colleges have an open door admissions policy to ensure that every person has the opportunity to get a college education. Application starts with the submission of an ApplyTexas application.

You will need an email address to access your information once the application is submitted. You can create an email address at various free sites (examples are or

Apply online using the ApplyTexas application and begin by creating your student profile; copy your User ID and password so you may access the ApplyTexas website in the future; select the Two-Year Undergraduate Application.

Additional admissions requirements (must be submitted during the first semester of enrollment):
  • Official high school transcript or GED scores
  • Official college transcript from the last college or university you attended. Have your transcript sent directly to the specific college of the Alamo Community Colleges that you wish to attend. Many Alamo Community Colleges courses have prerequisites that must be met before registering. As a result, students may be required to submit official transcripts from former colleges attended in order to register for all desired classes.
Depending on your student status, you may need to meet additional requirements.


This process should take between 15 and 30 minutes. You may complete the entire application in one session or save your file to complete at a later time.

Checklist of Items You Will Need
We advise that you have the following information available before you begin the online application to expedite the process.
  • Social Security Number*
  • County in which you live
  • Email address (if you don’t have an email address, you can create an email address at various free sites (examples are or
  • Visa/Permanent Resident Information
  • TASP/THEA or other TSI assessment scores
  • SAT, ACT, and/or TAAS/TAKS (grade 11) Scores and Test Dates
  • Names and dates of high school and college attended
* Recording your social security number on the ApplyTexas Application is an optional item. We strongly encourage you to provide the information to us to facilitate and expedite processing of all paperwork. Applications and Documents without social security numbers are more difficult to match up and may require contacting you, which results in additional processing time to completion. For questions or concerns regarding the use of your SSN, please speak with the Enrollment Services/Admissions & Records area at your college.

Submission and Summary
After you have supplied the required information and reviewed your application, you will submit the application to one of the Alamo Community Colleges by selecting the “Submit” button. Once your application is submitted, all corrections and updates will require a visit to the Enrollment Services/Admissions & Records area at the college.

Additionally, once you submit your application, a window will appear that will display a summary of your application.
It is important that you copy the ID number provided in the window, print the summary and save it for your records.

An Email verification will also be sent to you from the ApplyTexas Application service verifying your submission. The email will contain a second number that you should copy, print and save for your records. It is important to have this document with you when receiving assistance at or from the colleges.

Thank you for your interest in Northeast Lakeview College

Contact Information

Gilbert Palomo - Career Advisor

Student Commons (STCM-124)

(210) 486-5401 Option 9
(210) 486-9209 (fax)


Campus Map

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