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What are Career Services?

Career Services provides assistance to undergraduate students and alumni who seek help in formulating and implementing career plans.  Whether exploring careers, researching career paths, seeking internships, creating a resume or job searching, Career Services can help.  Career Services also assists employers locate qualified employees for positions they have in their businesses. 

Career planning involves several steps in order to make the right decisions.  Learning about your personality and interests provides the student with added insight. What are your hobbies? What work have you done in the past? Are there family expectations? Is your personality extroverted or introverted? What interests and skills do you have? All of these factors (and many more) impact your decision about careers. 

Additionally, the student needs to learn about the world-of-work.  This involves researching careers and utilizing resources from the Career Services web site at SAC, but it also includes finding out about what careers require by using resources as the Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center and the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Does the job require extensive travel? Is the work all outside in the weather? Does the career start at low pay and then the employee receives significant salary raises after experience? What are the work hours and benefits? These factors (and many more) impact whether you will really enjoy a career field or not. 

Lastly, one needs to experience as much as possible about a career field before a final decision is made. Service learning, internships, volunteering, "shadow learning" and summer jobs in your chosen field will help one make a more informed decision.  Interview people who work in the field, ask to spend a day with someone in the career field you are considering, or talk extensively with professors who teach in the major related to your career field. Learning as much as you can about your career choice is paramount to making the right decision.  

Career Counseling

Choosing a career and finding a job is a challenge, and career guidance is extremely helpful.  In Career Services, individual and group assistance is provided to undergraduates and alumni to help navigate their career path.  


 Career counselors help: 

  • Explore skills and interests to evaluate potential educational and career paths. 
  • Develop a career goal and study the best degree plan to create an Individual Success Plan.
  • Gain hands-on experience with part-time and full-time work. 
  • Conduct an effective job search 
  •  Develop a resume, cover letter and/or interview skills.  

Research shows that people working in a career that supports their interests, skills and goals are happier, more successful, and more fulfilled than people who simply “get a job.”  Carefully planning your career by assessing your strengths and interests, exploring your options, gaining experience and making informed decisions will assist the individual in securing positive employment.    


Contact Information

Senior Advisor-
Student Success:
Bonnie Clauss
Phone: 210-486-0772

Location: Moody Learning Center,
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